Rumours: Matt Ward working on Tyranid update for 2013

Rumours are rife that Matt Ward is working on the new Codex or White Dwarf update for the Tyranids. (he’s got to be working on something). The new update is expected towards the end of  2013.  Any details on rules are patchy but we are hearing Synapse may grant Eternal Warrior again and changes are going to be made to instinctive behaviour. There is only rumours of two new units at present one being an anti air flying monster, which will also have the options for making  a Harpy. There is also said to be a new even bigger Lictor style Monsteress Creature and across the board point reductions for nearly all units in the army.

New plastics

We also hear of new plastic versions of a lot of the finecast kits that will make a number of different units e.g.

  • warriors/lictors
  • zoanthropes/venomthropes/raveners
  • biovores/pyrovores
  • tyrant guard/hive guard

Also they may be some plastic wings for the shrikes, a new plastic model for the Tyranid Prime and there is even a little noise that Termagants may get an update. Some of the finecast lines that don’t make it to plastic may be sold in multiple model sets e.g. 3 lictors in a box (that’s just an example).

While sixth edition has defiantly given Tyranids some boosts, it’s also left them behind so it’s good news they will see some upgrades and have instinctive behaviour fixed. The  one thing missing from this list is a plastic spore pods kit???