Today’s Question: What Bio Titan is this and when will Forge World make it

I don’t recognise this as any sort of Tyranid model from 40k or epic. I think it looks rather good. It’s clearly Bio Titan size. While we can’t expect Forge World to make every piece of artwork the Studio puts out this look like it would be a great looking close combat Tyranid Titan. This image is taken from the Tyranid codex. What do you think? Have I forgotten about some obscure epic Titan? The comment section is open below.


Ben’s Painting Table: Kracken Tyranid Zoanthope

Ben is still enjoying his break from blogging and has sent me a picture of his finished Zoanthrope for his Kracken Tyranid army. He informs us he is now repainting his Crimson Terror as a Red Terror in between painting Termaguants. A friend has also donated an original Screamer Killer Carifex to his hoard. Ben says he’s been invigorated by starting a new force. He doesn’t intend to repaint all his old Tyranid Hive Fleet, just the ones he wants to game with regularly.


Today’s Picture: Scratch Built Eldar Relevant Titan

This Relevant Titan was recently sold on a well know auction site for £72. I’m really at a loss to explain any of the parts used in it’s construction. The listing only stated it was 11.5 inches or 29 cm tall. Some of the parts look like jet bike bonnets, but they clearly are not.
I really like scratch build models that don’t just try to replicate existing GW designs. That said this model has made me wonder what would be possible as a kit bash from a Wraith Knight. Once the rear fin has been made, you would need two engines to go on the shoulders and something to extend the model’s size. I’ve been reading that toothbrushes can make great legs. I don’t have time to tackle such a project at the moment, but I’d love to see someone try.
Did you or do you know who built this model? Please get in contact and tell us more about it.









Today’s Picture: Ulthwe Phantom Titan

Jon’s Phantom Titan has featured in a previous battle report on ChapterMasters.
In that game it wreaked havoc while sustaining very little damage itself.
I thought it was about time the Phantom was given it’s own post.
This is a picture Gareth took on the Tau Research Station before the game began.
Jon had tried in vain to hand paint the cracks on the base, until his wife came up with a very cunning plan of using a marker pen to create the cracks.
The final effect clearly shows how the ground crumbles under the shear weight of this Eldar monstrosity.