Today’s Question: Where can’t you place objectives?

Question: Where can’t you place objectives.

Answer: Everyone knows they can’t be within 6″ of the edge of the battle field or 12″ of another objectives.

What people sometimes forget. They can’t be placed on or in impassable terrain, buildings or fortifications.

One point of debate is placing them in ruins. Strictly speaking ruins are not buildings so this is permissible. However before you place one on the top floor of a tall ruin, it a good idea to agree this with your opponent.


Sixth edition is no longer new, so I’m going to refrain from spamming up the site with questions everyone know the answer to. The Daily question will not become an occasional item, when I come across something they people may not have spotted in the rules or frequently get confused about. If you have a question feel free to email me. I do try to answer all the email I get, eventually.