Painting competition at Games Workshop Open Day

I was fortunate enough to make it to the Games Workshop 2019 open day at Warhammer World. It took me most of the day to work out where the painting competition was being displayed. I managed to get these rushed pictures as there were packing down the display.

I believe the LOTR entry, 2nd picture down, was the over all winner.

Sorry just doing a photo dump. The Ambull wasn’t in the competition, I just thought you might like to see it.

Golden Demon 40k Open Category

I may have the wrong category for these but I believe they were from the open competition. I was only able to photograph the Saturday entries this year. Hopefully GW will provide some good coverage of the finalist via their community site and White Dwarf.

Leman Russ

Primaris Space Marine Captain

Classic Eldar Farseer

Sisters of Battle Imperial Knight

Warhammer Fest – Adeptus Titanicus Pictures

This game looks great. Warlords, Revers, Knights, Warhounds are on the way. No pricing information as yet. They are staying tight lipped 🙁 I’d guess the warlord will be priced around the same as the new Dreadnought kits based on it’s size.

Rever Battle Titans

Warlord Titans

Warlord with Titan Knights

Imperial Knight Box

More little titans located around Warhammer Fest

This gives a good scale comparison, the Walker in the background is a standard 40k scale Imperial Knight.

Battle set up, we didn’t get to play but there was a rules seminar.

Box Set

Building sets. Two are available in the initial release.

Warlord Box set.

Half God Studios- Golden Demon Winner

El Kaye of Half god studios is a Golden Daemon winner from  Warhammer Fest 2014, 15, 16, 17 & probably 2018.

golden deamon

Above is his Silver winning entry the from the monstrous creature category at Golden Demon 2014 Horus the warmaster is from the  range of Forge world Horus heresy character series.

El Kaye entered several different entries in Golden Demon 2014, which can be seen below.


Dark Angle Chaplin Black Templars Captain Krom Dragongaze 40k Single Miniature Golden Demon 2014

Dark Angle Chaplin Black Templars Captain Krom Dragongaze 40k Single Miniature Golden Demon 2014



You can see more of the awesome work from Half God Studios here.

Half God Studios Facebook Page

Lastly a personal Apology to El on the length of time he has waited for this feature on Chapter Masters to go up. Since Gaz drafting it, and then taking a sabbatical from Chapter Masters, Ellis has been featured in White Dwarf a number of times. I can’t claim this was worth the weight, but hopefully it’s still welcome.