40k 30th Anniversary display at Warhammer Fest

Games Workshop really went all out for the 40k 30th Anniversary display at Warhammer Fest this year. Games Workshop don’t have many of their old rouge trader models. Rarely accessed and highly protected archives indicate they where not included in the sale of the business many years ago, however it is something the servitors refuse to speak about. None the less by using some private collections by staff and fans, Games Workshop did manage to put together a good showing of these rare Rouge Trader models.
 Squat 40k 30th Anniversary display40k 30th Anniversary display


40k 30th Anniversary display

RTB01 marines 40k 30th Anniversary display

Dreadnought and Robots40k 30th Anniversary display

Tanks note the card blaneblade40k 30th Anniversary display

Space Dwarfs40k 30th Anniversary display40k 30th Anniversary display40k 30th Anniversary display
Mki Blood Angel Landspeader

There were also a couple of older models in the Golden Demon Competition this year.

The first Ultramarines Captain Model

40k 30th Anniversary display

The First Blood Claw Sergent Model40k 30th Anniversary display 

An Epic Ork Gargent40k 30th Anniversary display

Limited Edition Space Wolf Captain Krom Dragongaze 40k Single Miniature Golden Demon 2014

Warhammer Fest – No More Epic – New Tyranids – Visions to Continue

It was a smaller affair this year. So it will be a smaller write up. I’m skipping over Forgeworld’s news. Enough people have covered it already. I attended on Sunday along with around 1700 other people. Saturday was 1100 attendees. Jervis Johnson and Jes Goodwin didn’t show up. Only one Golden Demon this year and they didn’t make it. I think Jes may have been there on Saturday. John Blance and Alt Morrison formed the only Vanguard present with Phill Kelly representing the design team.

Fist off I must admit I forgot to take a memory card for my camera, so had to use my phone for the pictures: and thus my phone went flat very quickly. As a result I spoke to most of the studio members without the notes I’d spent the last few weeks composing.

The Studio

I spent only a few minutes taking to Phil Kelly. We discussed strong holds and the current weakness of the Tyranid. He clearly wanted to tell me something about how this would be addressed but couldn’t, there is something coming for the bugs, perhaps the rumoured big bugs. Officially Phil Said nothing but i am certain something is on the way for the Nids. I could see it in his eyes. As certain as I was about the new Space Marine tactical squad. Which turned out to be true.

White Dwarf

Wahammer Fest
I spoke with Jes about the far to brief battle reports they now do in White Dwarf. Jes was very forthcoming. He said he was going to try to do some bigger battle reports by reducing other contents occasionally.

Epic Release Coming

Jes Brickham categorically stated their was an epic release coming and that I could quote him on it. He wanted to give more space to that battle report. I was very pleased to hear this as an “Epic” player. This is not rumour, this is fact. Jes has revealed there will be an “epic release” in the next few months;) After realising what he had said (accidentally implied Epic was getting redone) He quickly clarified what he meant an check’d I wasn’t going to post this information on the Internet. Which of course I assured him I wouldn’t do. Edit: This is because GW are not redoing “Epic” there are planing another epic product release like a titan knight or a Thunderhawk, or a new game. This proves the rumours about a new Epic box set posted via other sites are completely false.
How much more digging do I need to do before we accept Epic is not returning?

Warhammer Visions

Jes Brickham also categorically stated Warhammer Visions was not going to be canceled, if anything it’s future is more secure than White Dwarfs, which isn’t in question either. He’d like to make White Dwarf bigger but hasn’t got enough people to do so. I said I’d be happy to pay a bit more for White Dwarf if their was more content. Did I really say that?

The Model Team

I spoke with Ali Morision about the future of Finecast/Metal traditional sculpting. He was very clear he could see no possibility of metal returning, although there might be a few more Finecast releases. I talked to him about the human art like quality of the old methods. His reply was that was what Forgeworld had taken on and that the Games Workshop Studio is now very much about plastic. I asked him how it was possible for them to make any money on the Limited Edition Plastic models. He said they made plenty of money off them, by the fist day of the release.
I also spoke to him about the possibility of new sisters of battle models. He said it wasn’t likely as there were not enough players collecting them. I pointed out this used to be true of Dark Eldar until they redid the range.

I did speak with Anya from heavy metal, but her comments were for my ears only. This time around. Oh ok she told me to make my highlights thinner, my painting, not my hair.


It seems I’ve caused a bit of an upset on a couple of sites. There is no plan to release a new Epic Box set, nor did I say there was. Jes Brickham did say there is going to be an “epic release” in the next few months, not an “Epic box set” released. I don’t know what this epic release will be. I’m sorry that wasn’t clear from what I wrote about his response to my statement at being pleased to hear of a New Epic release. I have amended the text in the original post to make this clearer. There have been rumours of a new Epic box set. Jes has strongly indicated there will not be one, along with denying the rumoured end to Warhammer Visions. So to put and end to all this Epic wish listing, I’ve got the correct information from someone at Games Workshop.

In unrelated news @JervisJohnson has tweeted he is doing epic play testing at the moment.


And on that epic bomb shell I will leave you, for now. We still have a ton of pictures to post so there is lots still to come.

Epic is Back Babby

At least it is at ChapterMasters. The Epic SpaceMarines, Titan and Imperial Guard/Astro Militargamesworkshopforchangingthenametosomethingeveryonecansay 🙂 have finally been moved across from the old site.

Checkout the links below for more photo’s of my Epic 40k which I painted almost 20 years ago.

Space Marines

Imperial Guard and Warlord Titan


saimhann jetbikes, saimhann forgde world, saimhann falcon

The new Eldar Codex = 15% points reduction.

Moving Goal Posts

I should start by saying this anecdotal evidence based on my own Eldar army. I haven’t pored through the codex to work it unit by unit.

SiamHann at Warhammer World

saimhann jetbikes, saimhann forgde world, saimhann falcon

This is really no shock, every codex downgrades some of the points values and strength of older units. It’s the only way GW can make the new units bestter than the older ones, other than changing the stat lines to 11/10.

Below  is my army list.



Jet bike
Power weapon
Spirit stones
Mirror swords
War shout
Dire avengers x6
Shimmer shield power weapon
Dire avengers x5
Twin catapults
Guardians x10
Bright lance
Jet bikes
Shuriken cannon
Path finders x10
Dark reapers
Missile launcher
Crack shot
Fast shot
Scatter laser
Holo field

In the 4th/5th Edition codex this totalled 1412 points. Having recently added the Rangers I was contemplating, either an Avatar or Wraith Lord to take me to 1500 points.

Using the 6th Edition codex this all weighs in at 1174 points, which is actually a 17% drop in points. It’s going to take me a bit more than than a Wraith Lord to hit 1500 points, something like a fully loaded Wraith Knight would do the trick. Now how did GW manage to find another way to make me buy a Wraith Knight?

Epic Wraith Knight

Photo Taken from www.dakkadakka.com

Epic Eldar, Epic Eldar army

Epic Eldar at Warhammer World

Last weekend Games Workshop made it known they would be dropping support for the Specialist Games once the current metal stock piles have been exhausted  Armies like this Epic Eldar Army will become a thing of the past. Only to be found on ebay.