Grey Knights

Grey Knights

This Grey Knight Army does not fill the minimum force organisation for a small battle, so is used as an allied force.
A single Inquistor leads the army armed with a thunder hammer. He is accompanied by body guard of an original Rouge Trader Adeptus Arbites. A single squad of rouge trader Rogue Trader Grey Knight Terminators fills a troop choice. The squad is lead by an original 1989 Rouge trader Grey Knight Terminator. A choice of 3 assassins provides an Elite choice. A five man Grey Knight Squad will fill the 2nd troop choice for the army.

Ordomalious Inquisitior

Limited Edition 2009 Games Day Space Marine Captain

Limited Edition 2009 Games Day Space Marine Captain.

This model has been left gold so it can be used at either an Inquistor or a Captain for any Space Marine Chapter.

Grey Knight Adeptus Abites

Gray </p><p>Knight Mk1 Adeptus Abites

Rouge Trader Mk1 Adeptus Arbites. These were painted in 1993 and are armed with shotguns and bolters. The squad leader is armed with a Power Mule and bolt pistol. These were purchased in a games workshop end of line January Sale a very long time ago.

1989 Grey Knight Terminators (Painted 1993)

ouge trader 1989 MK1 Gray Knight Terminators (Painted 1993)

A Grey Knight Terminator squad from Rouge Trader. Painted in a very blue silver. The whole squad is armed with Nemesis Force Halberds with integrated storm bolters


Vinicare temple assassin

These are the original Callidus, Eversor and Vindicare temple assassins which are still available from Games Workshop almost 20 years later.

1994 Callidus Assassin

Callidus temple assassin, assassin, Grey Knight Assassin

All of these Assassins have been given ultra highlights to make there cloths look like leather. The phase sword has been blended between Warlock Purple and skull white.

1994 Eversor Assassin

Eversor temple assassin, assassin, Grey Knight Assassin

1994 Vindicare Assassin