The Swarmlord vs Roboute Guilliman

This was a 2000 point game, which was typically started late and therefore didn’t get finished. There was however time for the Swamlord to challenge Roboute to a one on one combat. I was very excited to see a Primarch vs a Swarmlord. The Swarmlords’ to wound roll was pivotal to the outcome of the fight, but first to the mission.

The game was a cumulative objective victory point match. The Ultramarines commander picked the deployment zone with only one objective marker in it.

This was probably only my fourth or fifth game of Warhammer 40k 8th edition. While an incomplete battle, it was enormous fun and having the codecs really added to the flavour of the game. The codecs also meant the psychic phase wasn’t quite so badly dominated by the smite power. We discussed using the beta rules for smite, but given they really just mute the whole phase and therefore disadvantaged the player with the most casting abilities we didn’t. Personal I don’t see the beta concept of making it more difficult to cast a second smite is a good way forward as it’s not a scalable system. Providing the ability to cast all powers a second time with a negative modification would be a more welcome change for me.

Anyway to the battle field

swarmlord vs roboute guilliman

The Primarch vs the Swarmlord

After a Shockley bad roll from the Swarmlord, Roboute Guilliman wastes no time removing his head. I don’t think a better roll would have made much more difference to the outcome. The Tyranids seeing the dismemberment of their leader ran back to the hive ship, knowing there is no chance of digestion a plant defended by such a might foe!

Starship Troopers Style Tyranid Attack Battle

The only good bug is a dead bug  – Starship Troopers Style Tyranid Attack Battle

This was a game played for Jon’s Birthday

Jon brought every  single painted tyranid he owned, which meant about half a hour of gluing them back together before starting. We set the board up for a Starship troopers style fortress siege and used one of the missions in the big rule book. This wasn’t about the mission though, this was really just an excuse to throw some dice and enjoy the spectacle of the game.

The verdict…. Bastions are very tough to take out in 8th edition and an afternoon is not long enough play a game this size.

Golden Demon 2017 Duel

The Golden Demon Duel is one of the category’s that gets the least attention, but is often the most fun.

Golden Demon 2017 Duel

First up a Geanstealers attacking a Grot Tank.

Golden Demon 2017 Duel

The Geanstealer Assult continues on an unsuspecting maintenance worker.

Golden Demon 2017 Duel

A brave Dwarf takes on a Dark Elf Sorceress.

Golden Demon 2017 Duel

A Tau Ethral faces a demonic attack from a Korne Blood Letter.

Golden Demon 2017 Duel

A Caldius Assassin strikes an unsuspecting Geanstealer Hybrid.

Golden Demon 2017 Duel

A Dark Elf warrioress takes on a mighty Korne Champion.

Golden Demon 2017 Duel

Last up a Plastic Sister of Battle Seperipim conversion takes on a Thousands Sons Sorcerer.

Golden Demon 2017 Duel

Classic Ultrmarines and Tyranids at Warhammer World

This collection of modern and classics Ultramarines and Tyranids was displayed in a special exhibit at Warhammer World in March 2016. 

I believe these models belong to Garfy one of the painters who blogs on tale of four painters. There is a post on his tyranid attack box set here. It’s very possible GW will release this set again in the future, with updated models. I’m sure it would be very popular if they did.


The first ever Ultramarine Captian model

First company veterans

The Limited release Blood Angel Space Hulk terminators set converted in to Ultramarines

The first plastic space marine scouts. The sergeants had a better armour save than the scouts back in those days.

These are the first plastic Terminators GW made. They are very hard to paint well as the detail is very shallow. This is probably the finest paint job I have ever seen on these models.


This is a very reto Hive Fleet paint scheme. Comments welcomed if you know what it is called.

Broodlord accompanied by some old hormaguants and Tyrant Guard

Classic second edition style flying Hive Tyrant

The original plastic Geanstealer Hybrid models and metal ripper swarm

Tau Display

March 2016 was also the fist chance I had to photo the Tau vs Admech display at Warhammer World, which is still on display. If you haven’t had the chance to make it to Warhammer World I would strongly encourage you to do so. I try to make it there are least once a year.

Games day Lictor

Golden Demon 2014 Monstrous Creature – Tyranids

I didn’t come across many Tyranid entry’s in Golden Demon 2014. Probably due to the limited number of categories they can be entered in. There were two present in the Monstrous Creature section and a handful more between Diorama and Duel. I wouldn’t really say there was one stand out entry, for a best bug in show award.

Forge World Tyranid Malthrope

Tyranid Haruspex – Hive Fleet Kraken



Not from the same category but there is a Carifex in there.