Golden Demon 40k Open Category

I may have the wrong category for these but I believe they were from the open competition. I was only able to photograph the Saturday entries this year. Hopefully GW will provide some good coverage of the finalist via their community site and White Dwarf.

Leman Russ

Primaris Space Marine Captain

Classic Eldar Farseer

Sisters of Battle Imperial Knight

Warhammer Fest – Adeptus Titanicus Pictures

This game looks great. Warlords, Revers, Knights, Warhounds are on the way. No pricing information as yet. They are staying tight lipped 🙁 I’d guess the warlord will be priced around the same as the new Dreadnought kits based on it’s size.

Rever Battle Titans

Warlord Titans

Warlord with Titan Knights

Imperial Knight Box

More little titans located around Warhammer Fest

This gives a good scale comparison, the Walker in the background is a standard 40k scale Imperial Knight.

Battle set up, we didn’t get to play but there was a rules seminar.

Box Set

Building sets. Two are available in the initial release.

Warlord Box set.

The Plastic Sisters of Battle in January 

Many said the days of plastic Sisters of Battle would never come, yet here we are. It appears that Games Workshop have pulled the covers off, or even pulled the sprues of plastic Sisters out of the recycling bins. We will indead have plastic Sisters of Battle by January 2017. 

The Sisters of Battle Living Saint returns from a short period of death, other wise know as non production, but this time she is plastic. 

Looking very much like an Age of Sigma Eternal in gold armour. The wings look a bit flat, but therefore give the opportunity for some fantastic blending and artwork. The detail on the armour looks great and fully justifies the retirement of the old metal model.

The Living Saint appears to be accompanied by two plastic Seraphin Sisters of Battle, or a similar elliet unit brandishing power swords. It could be the Sisters will finally have a close combat unit. Even if it is only one per army the Sisters will at last have a highly mobile counter strike unit. What these models also do is prove the Citidle Design Studio can make plastic Battle Sisters. So it’s not at all hard to image a box set of plastic Seraphine are not far behind.

Thank goodness Games Workshop did save these designs from the the bin.

That’s not all there is also going to be a Plastic Witch Hunter style Inquisition 

What’s not clear yet is wether the Sisters of Battle will finally have their own physical codex, or if the new Living Saint is a special unit in another campaign book. All we have to go on and the moment is a back cover showing more Sisters of Battle but not clearly enough to tell if they are plastic or metal. 

Some gamers may not take kindly to needing two books to feild the complete Sisters range of figures in a game?

After 20 years of nagging the Design Studio to make one book can we really complain if they make two? And after all codex Imperial Agents is not just a Sisters book. It  also provides a way to field lots of other allies within a Sisters force, such as Grey Knights and Assassins. 
I’ve also seen some very negative remarks about they only being 1 new plastic set.

I think we have received far more than we could have imagined from Games Workshop. They have after all made 

  1. A new, be it resin Cononess. 
  2. A new plastic Inquisitor, 
  3. A new Plastic Living Saint with 2 Seraphim, 
  4. a whole batch of made to order Sisters and Imperial Agents 
  5. Most importantly they have put the Immoliator black in production, with the help of a resin component. I’m very curious about which component is resin. 
  6. Finally Sistets of Battle have access to a physical codex.

Are people really going to conplain about the rules being split over 2 books and there being no plastic foot soldier nuns with guns. Well of course they are this is the internet. As long at the second book isn’t too expensive I’d much rather have the love for the Sisters spread over 3 months. I mean it gives you half a chance to get them painted, before the next fantastic release hits.

I’m really delighted to see Sisters get something more than a digital codex for once. So what if the plastic range isn’t a total replacement. Just buy the plastic kits from GW and pick up the other units on eBay. If Games Workshop understand one thing it’s sales. So if you want plastic Sisters of Battle buy plastic Sisters.

Now after 20 years of debating the Plastic Sisters question. Who knows what else could could be found in the  recycling bins at Games Workshop headquarters? Might  we finally see some plastic Space Dwarfs, or a plastic Thunder Hawk,  dare we even dream of a plastic Warhound? After this year I think at least one of those three has got to be a possibility; for at least some point in the future? Is that getting a bit carried away? I don’t know but we have plastic Sisters of Battle and the sky hasn’t fallen yet. Getting carried away is probably in order!

Blood Bowl Preview

Games Workshop have started advertising the Blood Bowl box game. Bell of Lost Souls are reporting it’s expected to be released later this year, that’s within three months. One might suspect November pre-orders.
The Specist Games Studio where good enough to preview a lot of the first wave of models at Warhammer Fest 2016, aka GamesDay to us Old Ones.

Warhammer Fest Blood Bowl Previews

New Ork Team

New Ork Team

New Human Blood

New Human Blood

Ork Blood Bowl Team

Ork Blood Bowl Team

blood bowl field

not the game board in the box

Ork Blood Bowl Team

Ork Blood Bowl Team

Not only where did the studio bring along this preview to Warhammer Fest this year. There were also Ork and Dark Elf team entered in Golden Demon.

Blood Bowl Teams at Golden Demon

Dark Elf Blood Bowl Team Golden Demon

Dark Elf Blood Bowl Team at Golden Demon

Ork Blood Bowl Team
Ork Blood Bowl Team

Ork Blood Bowl Team at Golden Demon

Hopefully it won’t be too long befor the old Fantasy Football game to returns.