Kill Team 40k Preview

For less than the cost of a Tau Stike Team and a Space Marine Tactical squad this set is absolutely fantastic value from the Warhammer store. Well it is when you consider it includes a Tau Stike Team, a Space Marine Tactical squad and a 40k the rules, along with the rules for playing Kill Team. For anyone who collects Space Marines and Tau this box is surly an auto purchase? 

This product is actually a big step up for GW, or down depending on how you look at it. It’s possible the lowest entry level set for 40k that GW have released for years. I think we are back to 3rd edition for something comparable in terms of price. If you have a friend who wants to split a couple of sets down the middle, a single character model such as one of these fellows, is all you need to have a basic 500 point 40k army.

So although there are no new models to see here. This is a massive shift if tactics from Games Workshop bring the cost of getting going in 40k right down. I could see school kids looking at this as an invitation to get started.

Limited Edition Captain Centros US Only?

Would GW really make this model US only? I recall past US only models being released later in the UK. I for one hope that’s what they do. Picking up models on eBay or worse still remoldes from who knows where, isn’t the sort of customer behaviour GW should be encouraging. This could have been a great Warhammer Fest offering from GW and I can’t help but wonder if that was the original intentions but that production couldn’t hit the time scales required. 

Oh well fingers crossed.

Plastic Warhound Bomb Shell from Warhammer Fest

Plastic Titans rumoured at Warhammer Fest. 

I’ve been reading a couple of rumours that the old Forge World Warhound may soon make it into plastic. These rumours are on lots of different sites.

A plastic Warhound does sounds feasible. It’s a nice square Titan with lots of panel repetition in it’s design, which would lend itself to minimum sprue designs.

I herd a couple of things at Warhammer Fest. First of I heard the Forge World Designers discussing some reluctance at GW taking on some of their projects, due to the compremise created by the time pressures the Studio operate under and therefore corners getting cut. This is encouraging. The corners could refer to the comprises to make use of the same Sprue twice for either side of then Titan.

I also overheard Jes Godwin say the Imperial Knight would be the only Titan that would be made in plastic. Now this obviously is not encouraging. However Jes has got it wrong before. I would assume what he meant was at the current time the studio couldn’t take on another plastic Titan. After all I asked him for many years about the knight and we got that one.

I’m as keen as the next person to see a new warhound, but from where I’m standing it’s more likely to be 8mm; and in resin than in plastic and 28mm. So I would say don’t hold your breath. Of course if you really want a plastic Warhound, you could always make it yourself.

Warhammer Fest 2016 Display Boards with Video

There were more display boards at this year’s Fest of Warhammer. Forge Wolrd only brought one of their’s along, but GW bought quite a few. GW also brought their  planning books for the making the large boards at Warhammer World unfortunately I didn’t get photos of those.

Forge World – Iron Hands vs World Eaters

Click the picture above to see the video

Citidel Warhammer 40k – Imperial City Board

Blood Bowl Pitch from Speciast Games

Lord of the Rings River Town

Lord of the Rings – Necromancer Citidel

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The next post will be the golden demon winners I managed to photo.