Kill Team 40k Preview

For less than the cost of a Tau Stike Team and a Space Marine Tactical squad this set is absolutely fantastic value from the Warhammer store. Well it is when you consider it includes a Tau Stike Team, a Space Marine Tactical squad and a 40k the rules, along with the rules for playing Kill Team. For anyone who collects Space Marines and Tau this box is surly an auto purchase? 

This product is actually a big step up for GW, or down depending on how you look at it. It’s possible the lowest entry level set for 40k that GW have released for years. I think we are back to 3rd edition for something comparable in terms of price. If you have a friend who wants to split a couple of sets down the middle, a single character model such as one of these fellows, is all you need to have a basic 500 point 40k army.

So although there are no new models to see here. This is a massive shift if tactics from Games Workshop bring the cost of getting going in 40k right down. I could see school kids looking at this as an invitation to get started.