40k 7th edition news from Jervis Johnson himself.

The J man has spoken. Hear what Jervis has to say about the 7th edition of 40k on Games Workshop’s youtube channel below.

Note he said nothing about percentages!

And away from real news, the following rumours are also circulating on DakkaDakka, from the Overlords Podcast.

From a pretty reliable source  who claims to have seen a copy of the rulebook for a good few minutes.

40k 7th Edition Rumours

1. Consolidate in to combat is back 
2. If a psyker fails to cast a psychic power they can’t cast for the remainer of the game 
3. All units can score, but only those with Objective Secured can contest objectice held by other units with Objective Secured.
4. Unbound armies may not contest objectives 
5. The book has rules for Lords of war but does not contact Escalation 
6. Stronghold will also remain a separate book 
7. Vehicles are getting tougher. The Vehicle damage chart is changing again. 
8. There will be 3 books Art, Fluff and rules. The rules book is the same size a Codex Space Marines. Note nothing is said if this is 3 books, as previously rumoured, or if this is 3 separately available books. 
9. Moving through difficult terrain will just reduce your units move by 2 inches 
10. Wound allocation is changing – no details yet. 
11. D-weapons will be tonned down a little. Possible a new table or invulnerable saves being allowed but nothing concrete is mentioned.

There you have it. If true I’m fairly happy with these changes. Although 6th edition had the least holes in it. I think it was possible the most boring, certainly it was the one I played the least.