Warhammer 40k 7th Edition Will be Released in May 2014

After days of no news there can be no more doubt. Warhammer 40k 6th edition is gone. The English version is no longer available from the Games Workshop website. The digital version has been removed completely.

So long 6th, May your allies system rot in pieces. Long live 7th edition may your chaotic under play tested rules reign like the Chaos Lord who wrote them.

Seventh Edition Release Date
The rumours all point towards May 24th but the rumour mongers disagree if this is a release date or pre-order date. The date given in advance for 6th edition was a pre-order date.

No indication has been given if this is a full on £45 or more fluff monster or an entry encouraging price of £30. We can hardly discount £50 given the inflation rate at Games Workshop.

Starter Set Contents
Dark Vengence is still available and if the 5th to 6th edition transition is anything to go by, Dark Vengeance will be available until the 23rd of May. However other than auction sites, that will be you lot, no pun intended. So if you want a cheap expansion for your Dark Angels or Chaos forces, you better grab it while you can.
There are two very contradictory rumours running over the forces to be included in the starter set. The long standing rumour is we are looking at Blood Angels vs Orks. Given the Ork Codex is also rumoured to be the First of Seventh edition, followed by Blood Angels, this would fit well. A new rumour has surfaced today on Feite212 that Elder and Astro/Guard will be in the box. This would be very odd if it does turnout to be true. Games Workshop have always tried to support current releases, not revisit Codex from the past.

That’s the 7th edition rumours for today. I’m sure more will surface tomorrow.