Warhammer 40,000 Squad – Golden Demon 2017

The Golden Demon Warhammer 40,000 Squad entry was very difficult to get near at Warhammer Fest. I managed to get most of these photos later in the day when the area around the cabinets had calmed down.

Space Wolf Long Fangs by Michael ‘Harley’ Rutz

Mechanicum Thanatar Siege-automats

Ork Warboss and Bodyguard 

Emperor’s Childers Blade Sqaud

Raven Guard Vanguad Veteran Squad

Ultramarine Cataphractii Terminator Squad

Iron Hands Sterguard Veteran Squad

Death Guard Cataphractii Terminator Squad

I havn’t notice GW doing a kit for these so assume this is some excellent conversion work. [Edit: correction this is a Forge World upgrade set. Nurgle get the love]

Blood Angel Kill Team

Dark Angeld Fallen Squad lead by Cypher