New Space Marine Captain – To buy or not to buy?

For the next in part this series looking at the new Space Marine models, we are looking at the new Space Marine Characters.

new space marine review

In case you didn’t realise it theses are all multi part plastic kits. Showing just how far the designers at GW have come.

New Space Marine CaptainFirst up the new Space Marine Captain. If you’re anything like me you need another Space Marine Captain like you need a hole in your head. So Games Workshop need to really impress on this one, in order to get us parting with our money. As the captain models go I really like it. There are obvious similarities with the Captain from the old Black Reach box set and the Sicariaus model. It interesting the studio have chosen to paint this as a Third Company Capitan. So this obviously isn’t intended to replace the Sicariaus model. This model does provide a excellent detail, removing the need for almost any free hand work.

There is a alternative head provided within the kit. It also appears it’s possible to use a substitute arm to replace the sword and a replacement torso and arm to swap out the combi weapon. However these are not provided in the kit and the combi weapon swap could beyond many.

Rules wise this Captain isn’t going to be the best. A combi grav gun is going to have limited appeal. I would prefer a grav pistol so the Captains close combat ability isn’t reduced. If you spend the game shoting a bolt gun with a Captain I think you’ve missed the point, not to mention wasted a lot of points.

Then we get to the price, £18 yes £18! For that much you could add a Land Speader, any other single HQ, a special character or even couple of finecast librarians to your collection. So on price I’m not convinced.

Over all. It’s a nice model and if you really like it get it, but there are plenty of alternatives

  • Appearance 9/10
  • Options in the kit 2/10
  • Rules 6/10
  • Price 5/10
  • Over all 6/10

Tomorrow we will look at the new Chaplain model.