New Space Marine Releases – Centurions

The Spetember White Dwarf hit the shops on Saturday and if you love Space marines (as we do at ChapterMasters) it’s a must have issue.  The reaction to the new units has been mixed to say the least.

Space Marine Centurions

I’m going to get the Centurions out of the way first. My first impressions of these were absolute revolt (and I said I was going to be more positive this year). Once I saw them with a few more head options I started to think they weren’t so bad. Then I saw the art work.

CentThen I got Photoshop out and made it 20% taller and wished it was that easy to convert models. I guess a leg stretch might not be that difficult.


Given these were designed by Dave Thomas (who also designed the current Calgar model), I can’t help but wonder if we have paid the price for a plastic first cut. I can’t believe someone would have come up with these using greens.

Given the price tage is £47.50 for three spruces of plastic .That’s almost £16 per model or sprue. You could buy a Landaider, Storm Raven or a nice Forge World tank for that price and all you get is the the same mount of plastic as the Tactical squad.  The only reason I can see anyone buying these is the rules. Three sets of 5 twin linked grave guns with give anything a headache. The only hole in this unit is as lack of an invulnerable save, but I’ll take Toughness 5 and two wounds over that any day. If anything these are a little cheesy, but that seems to be ok in Sixth Edition.

So in summary they are shot fat and ugly just like the Storm Raven. I hope someone releases a conversion kit to make them a bit better.

  • Appearance 2/10
  • Options in the kit 10/10
  • Rules 8/10
  • Price 5/10
  • Overall 6/10

Tomorrow we will look at the new character models.