Fort Pain, Space Wolves tanks

Fort Pain at Warhammer World – A word of warning – read this before you play.

A group of friends and I played a game of apocalypse on the fort pain board at Warhammer World recently. While this game was spectacular and fun, it was clearly not balanced. The board is arranged is such a way that it is very hard to split it fairly.  In my eyes the fairest way to split it is diagonally down the centre of the gate, but this still isn’t balanced. One player ends up with a smaller board and less cover. A lot of the board also becomes useless in games terms.


If playing length ways, using the fort as a 3+ cover fortification and giving each side of the fort a void shield, the attacking player should be given an extra 1,000 points.

If you are playing across the board and just use it as standard cover. I recommend given at least 500 extra points to the player who does not occupy the majority of the fort.

Fort Pain, Space Wolves tanks

The other issue with this board, is standing up infantry is challenging in some places. Metal models and in some places even plastic models are very limited for  level ground that they can be placed on without falling over. My gaming group used the slope (shown above) to store books and models and didn’t actually play on it. Another gamer told us they had tired to use this as gaming area once and just gave up.

Finally I want to reiterate playing on this board is fun and I thoroughly recommend it. Just don’t expect a balanced game.