The new Sternguard will you buy it

Well this is an interesting question as there are so many choices for sternguard models, even if you exclude the old kit there are all the forge world models which are almost the same price.


New sternguardEven with all the rumours I was still surprised when I saw these models. i really like the look of them. I often think plastics that have evolved from metal sculpts look a ton better than the one that are done in cad software. Just like the tactical marines these Sternguard have a fresh look. There are subtle differences from the old kit, so you can use it without duplicating the old finecast models. at the same time there are lots of common armour plate designs and poses from the old kit. There is a small risk that your old models won’t mix well with these new ones given they all have long loin cloths between there legs.

There are a host of options with the new kit, including some hat tips to the old power armour suits, a New MK4 leg and head design a couple of Mk6 torsos and heads including a mk6 helmet similar to the limed edition 25th anniversary model. There is also a new Mk8 torso and for the first time plastic mk8 legs, or leg depending on how you look at it. There are also new heads and lots and lots of weapon choices. Both a heavy flamer and heavy bolter come with the kit. There are also a ton of combi weapons enough to kit out each marine with a combi weapon which can be built as a combi grav, plasma, melta or flamer. The sergeant comes with a choice of power fist or power sword. There are also lots of alternative style bolters included.

Rules wise this new Sternguard Squad has a slight edge on the old one. There is the increased choice of combi weapons allowing a more useful build. Along with not having to build a sergeant with a power fist this has to be a better set to field the Sternguard.

Now it’s time to look at the price and it was going so well, £30 yes that the most expensive 5 man power armour squad gw sell. What you have to remember is there are a bunch of extra weapons that were previously sold for £8 separately. I was expecting this kit to weigh in at £25 Given the inclusion of all these weapons it not so bad, but we are still talking about 2 sprues including 5 plastic space marines for £30, that’s £15 per sprue design. One thing is for sure GW stand to make a lot of money of this kit

Over all I’m very happy with this. If you mix the kit with some tacitacal marines to make a 10 man squad it’s no more expensive than the old squad plus you get all the extra weapons. I’m looking forward to having a full play around with this set. That’s two kits GWs have done well with this release.

  • Appearance 9/10
  • Options in the kit 9/10
  • Rules 8/10
  • Price 6/10
  • Over all 8/10

Next time I’ll look at the Vanguard veterans.


To recap

  • Centurions 6/10
  • Captain 6/10
  • Librarian 6/10
  • Chaplain 5/10
  • Tactical Squad 8/10
  • Sternguard 8/10