Golden Demon 2018 40k single miniature

More pictures if the machine Gods will permit us. These are mostly from the 40k single miniature category.

40k Single Miniture – Golden Demond 2017

The Single 40k Miniture catagory is always one of the most popular and Golden Demond, 2017 was no exception.

This was the first set of photos from the day and unfortunately therefore the worst quality. I also got to this cabinet so early, they were a bit Spartan. None the less they were still some fantastically well painted models.
Blood Angel Captain 

Built using the Master of the Recuits model from the Masters of the Chapter box set. The power Sword had been expertly converted for a Blood Angel power sword with a helmet and plasma pistol and back pack icon also added from Blood Angel plastic kits.Blood Angel Captain Golden Demon 2017

Space Wolves Wolf Guard 

This is a strightforward use of the Storm Bolter and Wolf claw from the Space Wolves termintor kit. Wolf Guard Golden Demon 2017

Dark Angel Interigator Chaplain 

While using a modern colour pallet, the yellow plasma pistol is a old school nod back to the second edition days.Dark Angel Chaplain

Tech Priest

Dark tones have been used to make the red robes of the machine cult stand out adding some warmth to an otherwise very cold colour pallet. Tech Priest Golden Demon 2017

Ultramarine Chapter Standard

A straightforward interpretation of the Ultramarine Chapter ancient. The blue has been extensively blended creating a pastal colour tone to off set the darker reds used on to acsent the details.

Ultramarine Chapter Standard Bearer Golden Demon 2017

Space Wolves Blood Claw Sergeant

Every year it seams there is someone who replicates a Mike McVey paint job from the old days. They never do well in Judging but as a grey beard I always enjoy seeing them.

Space Wolves Blood Claw Sergeant golden Demon 2017

Space Marine Captain

Space Marine Captain Golden Demon 2017

Ultramarine Chapter Champion 

Made using the Ultramarine upgrade kit and a plastic MK4 space marine. The helmet has been painted white to reflect the Mariens service within the 1st company.

Ultramarine Chapter Champion Golden Demon 2017

Space Marine Limited Edition Terminator Chaplain

Space Marine Limited Edition Terminator Chaplain

Geanstealer Magus 

Geanstealer Magus

 Space Wolves Legion Chaplain 

Lunar Wolves Chaplain Golden Demon 2017

Emperors Children Leagion PreditorGeanstealer Magus and Lunor Wolves Chaplain Golden Demon 2017

Emperors Children Leagion Preditor

Dark Angels Terminator Chaplain conversionDark Angels Terminator Chaplain conversion Golden Demon 2017

Harlequin Solitaire Harlequin Solitaire Golden Demon 2017

Catachan Jungle Fighter – Colonel ‘Iron Hand’ StrakenCatachan Jungle Fighter - Colonel 'Iron Hand' Straken

Imperial First Legion Centurion

Imperial First Legion Centurion Golden Demon 2017

Dark Angel Legion Champion and Ultramarine Tech MarineDark Angel Legion Champion and Ultramarine Tech Marine Golden Demon 2017 

Space Wolf  Arjac Rock Fist conversion 

This model has me confounded as to what parts have been used to recreate this classic Space Wolve miniature.
Space Wolf  Arjac Rock Fist conversion

Ork War Boss on Bike

A surprising entry of a bike in the category, however the rider is undead an Ork Warboss.

Ork War Bike Golden Demon 2017
There were a lot more entries which were off for judging. As always this was a very competitor category at Golden Demon. Not one for the first time enterant to try, unless they are extremely talented.

Warhammer 40,000 Vehicle – Golden Demon 2017 

The Golden Demon 2017 Warhammer 40,000 Vehicle categories appeared to be one of the most competitive this year. There were unsurprising lots of Space Marine Dreadnoughts. There were no less than five Leviathan pattern Siege Dreadnoughts. The imperial knights didn’t make  as strong a showing this year. 

Ultramarine Contemptor Dreadnought
Ultramarine Contemptor Dreadnought

Imperial Knight PaladinImperial Knight Paladin

Imperial Guard Astra Militarum Valdor Tank HunterAstra Militarum Valdor Tank Hunter

Ultramarine Razorback armed with Assult CannonsUltramarine Razorback armed with Assult CannonsUltramarine Razorback armed with Assult CannonsDeimos Patten Vidicator Laser DistroyerDeimos Patten Vidicator Laser Distroyer

Leviathan pattern Siege Dreadnought Leviathan pattern Siege Dreadnought

Sons of Horus – Leviathan pattern Siege Dreadnought with Siege Drill

Emporest Children – Leviathan pattern Siege Dreadnought armed with Grav Flux Bombard

Imperial Fist – Leviathan pattern Siege Dreadnought armed with Grav Flux BombardLeviathan pattern Siege Dreadnought armed with Grav Flux Bombard

Ork looted Goliath Rockgrinder

Space Wolves Venerable DreadnoughtSpace Wolves Venerable Dreadnought

Space Marine – Leviathan pattern Siege Dreadnought with Siege Drill

Imperial Knight Etrant Imperial Knight Errant

Elder WraithseerElder Wraithseer

Imperial Fist Legion from Warhammer Fest

One of my favour parts of Warhammer Fest is meeting the Studio and White Dwarf staff, as well as seeing some of there own model collections. Unfortunately I can’t remember who’s army this is, but I do know they feature in the campaign of fire book.

imperial fistThis small Imperial Fist Legion army features a Cataphractii Terminator Squad and a single Tactical squad , mk3 armour shown above.

The breacher squad was the start of this Imperial Fist army, the other half of the tactical squad in MK5 power armour is show here, along with a Mkiv Venerable Dreadnought.

A command squad comprising of the limited edition boarding marine and 2 older games workshop veteran models, leads this army. The contemptor dreadnought armed with twin assault cannons and missle luncher forms a great centre peace to the army.

This army shows what can be achieved on a small budget, if you take you time. Lots of people complain about Game Workshops prices, while having 100s of unpainted models in boxes. There is no component in this army that can’t be bought for under £35. If you chip away at ForgeWorlds lines, painting each item before buying the next, the hobby really isn’t that expensive. Of course the total cost of this army runs in to £100s, but it all started with a 5 man squad for under £30. While Spartan Assault tanks and Storm Eagles look fantastic, it was the little men in power armour that got me in to this hobby. After 20 years of collecting little blue men, it’s still those little highly detailed models that I enjoy seeing the most.


Golden Demon 2014 – Space Marine Squads

Today is a sad day at Chaptermasters as we start on the last few remaining pictures from Golden Demon. Today’s are the Space Marines from the Squad Category. The good news is the Squad Category was one of the most popular categories so there are plenty more pictures to go.

First up we have a Black Chapter of Space Marines I can’t remember the name of, Black Consoles? Suggestions welcome. One thing is certain this is a Vanguard Veteran squad armed with power swords, lighting claws and the Sergeant carries a relic blade and storm shield.

Imperial Fist tactical squad
Looking like a Space Marine Squad should with many different armour plates and equipped with The Umbra Ferrox bolters, curtesy of Forge World.


Legion of the Damed
Classic sculpts from the masterful Julien Diaz. Probably the best Space Marine sculptor Games Workshop have ever employed. Please come back Julien, please come back.


Dark Angel Tactical Squad
The looks like the Work of Half God Studios’ El Wood. This Dark Angle Tactical Squad is lead by a classic Jez Godwin Metal Dark Angel Sergeant in Mkviii power armour.


Dark Angel Deathwing Terminator Squad
Unfortunately not a great photo of these ornately detailed Death Wing terminators.