Golden Demon 2014 – Space Marine Squads

Today is a sad day at Chaptermasters as we start on the last few remaining pictures from Golden Demon. Today’s are the Space Marines from the Squad Category. The good news is the Squad Category was one of the most popular categories so there are plenty more pictures to go.

First up we have a Black Chapter of Space Marines I can’t remember the name of, Black Consoles? Suggestions welcome. One thing is certain this is a Vanguard Veteran squad armed with power swords, lighting claws and the Sergeant carries a relic blade and storm shield.

Imperial Fist tactical squad
Looking like a Space Marine Squad should with many different armour plates and equipped with The Umbra Ferrox bolters, curtesy of Forge World.


Legion of the Damed
Classic sculpts from the masterful Julien Diaz. Probably the best Space Marine sculptor Games Workshop have ever employed. Please come back Julien, please come back.


Dark Angel Tactical Squad
The looks like the Work of Half God Studios’ El Wood. This Dark Angle Tactical Squad is lead by a classic Jez Godwin Metal Dark Angel Sergeant in Mkviii power armour.


Dark Angel Deathwing Terminator Squad
Unfortunately not a great photo of these ornately detailed Death Wing terminators.