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Epic Space Marines

Epic Ultramarines

Epic 40k or Space Marine is no longer supported by Games Workshop. It is still possible to get hold of models and rules. Epic was probably the most tactically challenging way of playing games set in the year 40,000.

Epic Ultramarine 3 companyThe Ultramarine 3rd Company supported by Terminators Land Raiders and Whirlwinds from the Chapter’s Armoury

epic ultramarine terminatorsTwo five man terminator squads. One is armed with an assault Canon one is armed with a heavy flamer.Epic devistatorsDevastators  from the Ultramarines 3rd Company.

Epic Sprace Marine DregnoughtA dreagnought armed with Multimelta and close combat weapon with built in storm bolterepic spacewolves

Wolf Lord Logan Grimnar leads Terminators, Grey Hunters and Long Fangs from his great company. The Grey Shoulder pads show he has not yet taken on the role of Great Wolf.