Ultramarine Terminators

The Ultramarines

Ultramarines from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 10th Company

Ultramarines Thrid Company, Large Ultramarine army, Apocalypse, 2nd edition ultramarine Army, Rouge trader, Space Marines

An Ultramarine army including Terminators, Scouts, Bikes, Land Spreaders and Land Raiders. Some of the older and rarer units here include a Rouge Trader Terminator squad and a Legion the the Damned squad. The Army is commanded by a Rogue Trader Terminator Company Captain from the First Company who displays the Heraldry of Captain Agemman, A rogue trader Captain painting in Second Company colours and a 40k 3rd edition Captain paitied in the the colours of the Third Company are also present. There are six tactical squads made up from models produced throughout Citadel’s history. There of these squads are two squads made from the Rouge Trader Space Marine plastic box set (RT101), there is also a squad from the Warhammer 40,000 second edition box set, a squad made from later metal rouge trader Space Marines and two squads made from prevouise versions of the more modem plastic Space Marine multi part kits. Two Assault Squads are represented, one has a five man combat squad mounted on rogue trader bikes while the other other five are Transition marines equipped with later plasctic Jump Packs. The second Assault Squad is made from 5 later rogue trader metal models and 5 of the current plastic Assault Marine set. Of the two Devastor squads shown, one is a late Rogue Trader metal set, the other is from the current Devastator Squad plastic box set.

 First Company Ultramarines

Ultramarine 1st Company, Ultramarine company, Ultramarine first company

A first company army consisting of six terminator squads (one led by a Chaplin, one led by a Libarian), two 10 man Sternguard squads, a 5 man Vanguard squad with jump packs and a command squad. A Single Venerable Dreadnought accompanies the force. This army is led by an old Captain, possibly Inviticaus.

Ultramarines from the 1st, 4th and 10th company

Ultramarine Forth Company, Ultramarine 4th Company, Large Ultramarine army, Apocalypse, Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer 40000, Warhammer 40k, 40k, Space Marines

This 4th company consists of 3 Tactical squads, 1 Devastator squad and 2 assault squads (on on bikes) It is supported by terminator squads, scouts and Land raiders. The Army is lead by Captain Idaeus, Tigurius is also present


First Company Command

Space Marine Captian with Terminator honours, 1989 Terminator Captian, 1998 Plastic spacemarine, 1994 Spacemarine with melta gun, 1989 Rhino Marine with power fist, 1989 Terminator Librian, 2002 skulls Limted edition spacemarine standard bearer, 1992 Plastic Spacemarine Sargent from Warhammer 40000 2nd edition box set

Left to right 1989 Space Marine Captain with Terminator honours, 1989 Terminator Captain, 1998 Plastic space marine, 1994 space marine with melta gun, 1989 Rhino Marine with power fist, 1989 Terminator Librarian, skulls 2002 Limited edition standard bearer, 1992 Plastic space marine Sargent from Warhammer 40000 2nd edition box set

Captain 1st Company

Ultramarine, Space Marine, 1994 Metal Terminator, assult cannon, Terminator Sargent, 1989 Terminator Captain, Mk1 Terminator Captain, 1989 Mk1 Terminator Librarian, 1989  Terminator Librarian,

Left to right 1994 Terminator with assault cannon, Terminator Sargent, 1989 Mk1 Terminator Captain (painted Ultramarine 2008) & 1989 Mk1 

Captain 3rd Company

This Captain model was released in 1997. The bolt pistol is from a later plastic kit. Artificer Armour has been hand painted onto the model along with high gloss reflections. The sword has been washed with blue and purple. The gold had been build up with five older gold paints over white highlights.

Captain 4th Company

Captian Idaeus, Masters of the Chapter, Chapter Masters, Master of the Fleet, Chapter Master, Space Marine Chapter Masters

Captain Idaeus normally heads up my Ultramarines. I’ve made a couple of minor changes to the Studio model colours schemes. The main difference is the front cloth being an off white colour instead of red. My favorite thing about this models is the Thunder hammer. I don’t feel like I’m playing Warhammer unless I’ve brought at least one with me. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as whacking a tank with a Thunder Hammer and watching it split down the middle.

Captain Uriel Ventris – 4th Company

Uriel Ventris and Command Squad, BLack Reach Ultramarine Captain

Although Captain Idaeus normally heads up my Ultramarines forth company. Captian Ventris is known to make an appearance from time to time. I’ve used the Captain model from Black Reach to represent Ventris. I had considered converting him, however to do a true Ventris model would be quite a task given the lack of parts in the GW Space Marine range. According to his back ground he wares an almost standard MkVII suit of power Armour. However to make him look like the model depicted in the art work You would need to re-sculpture knee pads, create a custom toso motive and customer collar and belt which is very similar to this black reach model. You would also need some Forgeworld MkIII shoulder pads and arms, a sash and a cape. Not really something you just knock up on a whim. The reason Ventris doesn’t get a outing very often is his wargear combination. A bolter and power sword just isn’t that fab.

Captain 9th Company

1992 Games Day Captain, Limited Edition Space Marine, Limited Edition Space Marine Captain, 9th Company Captain, Ultramarine Captain

This is a very rare 1992 Limited Edition Games Day Space Marine Captain, painted as an Ultramarine in 2008. This model is much rarer that the current limited editions models as only a few hundred were made. In 1992 games day was a much smaller affair. Held only in the UK in a small hall in London there were only a few hundred tickets sold, as a result there were only a few hundred casts produced. The model was featured in the 40k second edition rule book as a Dark Angels Captain. There is also a very similar looking drawing in the 40k 4th edition Space Marine Codex next to the Captain entry on the army list.


Out of production 1995 Ultramarines Chief Librarian Tigurius, Tigurius, 1995 Tigurius, MK1 Tigurius

Out of production 1995 Ultramarines Chief Librarian Tigurius (painted Ultramarine 2011)


Out of Production 1994 Librarian, Ultramarine Librarian, Space marine Librarian, Librarian with force staff

Librarian armed with Force Staff and Bolt Pistol. This Librarian model design was released in 1995 and retired in 2004. This model was painted as an Ultramarine in 2010.

Terminator Chaplain

Space marine 2004 Terminator Chaplain, Mk2 Terminator Chaplain, Terminator Chaplain, Ultramarine Terminator Chaplain

2004 Mk2 Terminator Chaplain (painted Ultramarine 2008)

Chaplain with Jump Pack

Space Marine chaplain with Jump pack, UltraMarine chaplain with Jump pack, Painted Finecast Space Marine chaplain with Jump pack, Space Marine chaplain, MK5 assault Marine.

This is one of the few Fine cast miniatures in my collection. There is a small defect in rim of the jump pack’s right vent, other than that this model is a very good cast. There is no army insignier on the right shoulder pad, so that the Chaplain can be fielded in my space marine armies.

Space Marine Veteran Command Squad

Space Marine Veteran, Space Marine command squad, Ultramarine Veteran2004 Space Marine Veterans (Painted Ultramarine 2007-2009)


Legion of the Damned

Legion of the Damned, MK8 marine, Sargent Centurius, Limited edition Legion of the damned

This Legion of the Damned squad is made up from old Metal Rogue Trader era MK8 space marines and the Limited edition Sargent Centuries from the opening of the 100th Games Workshop. One Marine has been upgraded to carry a Heavy Bolter taken from a Land speeder.

Black Reach Terminators

This is the Terminator squad from the 40k 5th edition black reach box set. The whole squad is armed with Strum Bolters and Power fists. The Sargent has a power sword instead of a power fist. One Marine has been upgraded to carry a Cyclone Missile luncher to give the squad some long range anti tank fire power.

Space Hulk Terminators

Space hulk, 2nd edditon space hulk, Terminators

This is the Terminator squad from the 2nd edition Space Hulk box set. The whole squad is armed with Strum Bolters and Power fists. The Sargent has a power sword instead of a power fist. One Marine has been upgraded to carry a heavy Flamer for extra anti troop Fire power. When combined with Deep Strike this can be very effective.

Assault Terminators

Assault Terminator. Rouge Trader terminator, Rouge Trader assault terminator, Ultramarine terminator, termintor lightning claws, terminator thinderhammer, terminator storm sheild, terminator thunder hamer and storm sheild

This Terminator Assault squad is armed with four pairs of lightning claws while the sargent uses a thunder hammer and storm shield. This combination is great for maximising anti troop capability but still retains one storm shied to give a 3+ invulnerable save against heavy weapons and a thunder hammer to penetrate armoured vehicles.

Second Edition Veteran Squad

Veteran, 2nd edition veteran squad, 1st company squad, oop tactical squad, metal space marine, space marine

A Veteran Squad from the second edition of 40k. Most of these models where released just before the 2nd edition of 40k came out. The Sargent was a new model produced for the the 1st and only Codex Ultramarines. None of these models are sold by games workshop now. The combat squad leader wares a banner with an Iron Halo to indicate his role as squad “Veteran” (fluff that has been subsequently dropped by Games Workshop). The Veteran in this squad is one of 3 metal MK8 power armour poses Games Workshop produced. The arms are part of the metal cast for this model the other 2 MK8 poses use the MK7 plastic arms.

Forge World Limited Edition Boarding Marine

Boarding Marine, Limited Edition Boarding Marine, forge world boarding marine, limited edition 2011 space marine, Ultramarine vetran, MK3 space marine, MK3 space marine with jump pack

This is the Limited Edition 2011 Forge World Event Boarding Marine. This forms part of an unlikely Vanguard Assault squad. MK3 armour is weaker at the rear. It was designed for boarding Space Hulks so all the protection is at the front of the suit. This Veteran must be incredibly skilled to stop opponents get through the week rear armour. A storm shield partly makes up for the armours weakness. The Jump Pack on this model has been taken from a MK5 assault marine.


Sternguard, Space Marine Sternguard, Ultramarine Sternguard

2008 Stern guard: Painted Ultramarine. Sternguard are one of the best elite choices in the Space Marine army I rarely go into battle with out them. Their 30 inch ammunition enables them to out-range most other units in 40k, while they AP3 ammo can rip through anything but the toughest armour. If taken with Pedro Kantor they can also act as troops. Two squads of ten can be game winning in this combination.

Tyranid Hunters

Tyranid hunters, Tyranic war </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>Veterans, Ultramarine Tyranid hunters, 2010 Australian Golden Demon

2004 Tyranid Hunters: Painted Ultramarine. These are the older versions of the Sternguard models know as Tyranic war veterans or Tyranid hunters. This squad is just armed with bolters as they really need nothing else to make them formidable. The model holding a banner is the Skulz Limited Edition Ultramarine Standard Bearer representing the squad leader.

This squad achieved best in store Castle Hill in the Warhammer 40k Squad Category of the 2010 Australian Golden Demon


Ultramarine Dreadnought, Space Marine Dreadnought, Dreadnought, Thrid Company Ultramarine Dreadnought,

2004 Plastic Space Marine Dreadnought armed with Lascanon and Missile Luncher for maximum fire power. The Sarcophagus panted red to denote this Dreadnought is attached to the 3rd Company.

Venerable Dreadnought

Forge World Venerable Dreadnough, Ultramarine Dregnought, Ultramarine Forge World Dregnought

Forge World Venerable Dreadnought armed with Assault Canon, Heavy Flamer and Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon


Black Reach Tactical Squad

Black Reach Tactical Squad, </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>Ultramarine Tactical squad, Angry Marines, black </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>reach, tactical squad, ultramarine 3rd company tactical squad

Ultramarine Third Company Tactical Squad from the 2008 Black Reach Box set. This squad is armed with a Missile Luncher and flamer. The Sargent is armed with a bolt pistol and chain sword to increase the squads close combat capability.

Tactical Squad

Spacemarine Tactical Squad 1998 plastics box set painted Ultramarine Thrid Company

Ultramarine Third Company Tactical Squad 1998 plastics painted Ultramarine 2008. This squad has been armed with a Missile Launchers for versatility and a plasma gun for anti armour capability. The Sargent is armed with a bolter to maximize the squads mid range fire power.

Tactical Squad

Ultramarine Third Company Tactical Squad from the 1998 Warhammer 40k box set. This squad is armed with a Missile Launchers for versatility and a Melta Gun for close range anti tank fire power. The Sargent is armed with a plasma pistol to maximize the squads anti armour capability. The Sargent’s Banner is made from paper. The legs and Back pack from the Devastator box set have been used on the Missile luncher marine.


scout, Ultramarine scout, scout with sniper rifle, metal scout,

Ultramarine scouts armed with sniper rifles and bolters.

Fast Attack

Storm Eagle


Storm Eagles have recently made a return to the Space Marines armoury. Thought missing since the heresy, a Forge World found lost designs and is now producing them. This Storm Eagle is armed with Lascannon and Multi Melta for  tank hunting. Be sure to deal with anti aircraft before it arrives from reserve and don’t fall for the trap of using it as a troop transport. If you deploy troops it is no longer hard to hit. If you don’t deploy troops and it’s destroyed, all the passengers will take automatic strength 10 hits with no armour save allowed.  If you do start to take fire be sure to evade. The machine spirit will still be shooting one gun and the other are twin links so it should still get a couple of hits, even when snap firing.

Third Company MkII Land Speeder

Landspeeder, MK2 Land Speeder, Pre hersary land speeder, metal Land Speader,

The MkII land speeder look very similar to the current MkIII design. While these are refereed to as pre-heresy, but they are not the original rouge trader design witch had no front amour to protect the riders. This is Land speeder is armed with a Multi Melta and heavy flamer, both short ranged weapons. Arriving by deep strike these cheep skimmers can inflict significant pain on both troops and tanks. 

Forth Company MKIII Land Speeder

Land Speader, MK3 land speader, MKIII land Speader, Ultramarine Land Speader, Forth Conmany Land Speader

This MkIII Land speeder is armed with a heavy Bolter, for anti infantry fire power. Used as a highly mobile response unit Land Speeders can get to where support is needed fast, then turbo boost onto objectives later in the game.

Forth Company Assault Squad

Assault Marine, Plastic Assault Marine, Forge World Assault Marine, MK5 Space Marine, MKv Space Marine, MK5 Assault Marine

This 4th Company Assault squad contains MK3, MK5, MK6 and Mk7 power armour. The collectors range Sergeant carries a power sword and one of marines is equipped with a flamer. The Mk3 helmet is made from green stuff. The Mk5 marine is from Forge world.

  Mk6 Assault Squad

Assault Marines, Plastic Assault Marines,

This plastic five man Assault Squad version was built to complete a 10 man MKVI assault squad with some old metal models. There are 3 helmets from the rouge trader space marine box set RT101 and 2 from the 1998 Assault Squad box set. The shoulder pads were saved up from other Tactical Squad box sets

Heavy Support

Devastator Squad

Ultramarine Devistator squad, Space Marine devistator squad, Devistator squad, plastic devistator squad, devistators

Devastator Squad Armed with Lascanon, Plasma Canon and two Heavy bolters. The Sergeant is equipped with a Bolt gun and Chainsword. This squad has been built using the standard plastic parts with the exception of the veteran who has an arm from the RTB01 set.

Land Raider

Landradier, Landradier Mk3, Landraider MKIII, Land Raider

Mk3 Land raider. The Multimelta from the Land raider crusader has been added to give extra antitank fire power. A storm bolter is also fitter to reduce the chance of a primary weapon being destroyed. The Ultramarine icon from the drop pod kit has been used next to the heavy bolter. This tank was under coated black, then painted with Ultramarine Blue and Ultramarine Blue and Space Wolve Grey highlights.

Land raider Crusader

A plastic and metal Mk3 Land raider Crusader with Mk1 frag defenders.