Phantom Titan Battle Part 3 and 4

Fog of war has started to take stead now. These are scattered accounts from remembrances for this hard fought battle.
After the conflict had begun the combined forces of the Ultramarines and Tau tried to bring their fire power on the Eldar. However the Eldar proved evasive to taking heavy casualties. Interference from the Eldar delayed the arrival of air support. As a result lots of Ultramarines and Tau died, including most of the heavy support and the Ultramarines commanding Librarian, leaving the allied forces with no real hope of destroying the source of the Phantom shaped silhouette above the field of battle.

Ultramarines at Warhammer World

Ultramarines advance

Tau outpost Warhammer world

The Dark Reapers Survey what their next target might be

Tau Stealthsuits

The Tau stealth suits try to blend in with the Energy reactors

phantom titan

The Eldar Guardians feeling confident in the shadow of their Phantom.

Ultramarines at warhammer world

The Ultramarines bail from their wrecked Rhino.

Tau, Ultramarines at Warhammer world

The Ultramarines Advance under the watchful eye of the Tau Commander

Tau Stealth suits

The Stealth suits continue to lie in wait ready to make their attack.

Dark reapers Eldar

The dark reapers have certainly picked a good deployment.

Phantom Titan

The air support arrives for the tau and Ultramarine alliance


The Ultramarines are holding down the cover from the Phantom

Space marine Storm eagle

The storm eagle swoops into support

Tau Board at Warhammer world

The Reapers still holding out in the Fortification

Eldar Phantom Titan

The phantom still remains untouched

Battling the Phantom

Another view of the aerial support arriving.

Warhammer World scenic table

the battle still goes on


The Ultra marines retreat

Tau outpost

The Rhino immobilises itself in the swamp.

Tau's Riptide

The Tau Riptide and crisis suit deep strike into the Eldar deployment.

walker advance

The wave serpent try s to counter the Crisis team.

flyers swoop in

The Barracuda swoops in.