The Plastic Sisters of Battle in January 

Many said the days of plastic Sisters of Battle would never come, yet here we are. It appears that Games Workshop have pulled the covers off, or even pulled the sprues of plastic Sisters out of the recycling bins. We will indead have plastic Sisters of Battle by January 2017. 

The Sisters of Battle Living Saint returns from a short period of death, other wise know as non production, but this time she is plastic. 

Looking very much like an Age of Sigma Eternal in gold armour. The wings look a bit flat, but therefore give the opportunity for some fantastic blending and artwork. The detail on the armour looks great and fully justifies the retirement of the old metal model.

The Living Saint appears to be accompanied by two plastic Seraphin Sisters of Battle, or a similar elliet unit brandishing power swords. It could be the Sisters will finally have a close combat unit. Even if it is only one per army the Sisters will at last have a highly mobile counter strike unit. What these models also do is prove the Citidle Design Studio can make plastic Battle Sisters. So it’s not at all hard to image a box set of plastic Seraphine are not far behind.

Thank goodness Games Workshop did save these designs from the the bin.

That’s not all there is also going to be a Plastic Witch Hunter style Inquisition 

What’s not clear yet is wether the Sisters of Battle will finally have their own physical codex, or if the new Living Saint is a special unit in another campaign book. All we have to go on and the moment is a back cover showing more Sisters of Battle but not clearly enough to tell if they are plastic or metal. 

Some gamers may not take kindly to needing two books to feild the complete Sisters range of figures in a game?

After 20 years of nagging the Design Studio to make one book can we really complain if they make two? And after all codex Imperial Agents is not just a Sisters book. It  also provides a way to field lots of other allies within a Sisters force, such as Grey Knights and Assassins. 
I’ve also seen some very negative remarks about they only being 1 new plastic set.

I think we have received far more than we could have imagined from Games Workshop. They have after all made 

  1. A new, be it resin Cononess. 
  2. A new plastic Inquisitor, 
  3. A new Plastic Living Saint with 2 Seraphim, 
  4. a whole batch of made to order Sisters and Imperial Agents 
  5. Most importantly they have put the Immoliator black in production, with the help of a resin component. I’m very curious about which component is resin. 
  6. Finally Sistets of Battle have access to a physical codex.

Are people really going to conplain about the rules being split over 2 books and there being no plastic foot soldier nuns with guns. Well of course they are this is the internet. As long at the second book isn’t too expensive I’d much rather have the love for the Sisters spread over 3 months. I mean it gives you half a chance to get them painted, before the next fantastic release hits.

I’m really delighted to see Sisters get something more than a digital codex for once. So what if the plastic range isn’t a total replacement. Just buy the plastic kits from GW and pick up the other units on eBay. If Games Workshop understand one thing it’s sales. So if you want plastic Sisters of Battle buy plastic Sisters.

Now after 20 years of debating the Plastic Sisters question. Who knows what else could could be found in the  recycling bins at Games Workshop headquarters? Might  we finally see some plastic Space Dwarfs, or a plastic Thunder Hawk,  dare we even dream of a plastic Warhound? After this year I think at least one of those three has got to be a possibility; for at least some point in the future? Is that getting a bit carried away? I don’t know but we have plastic Sisters of Battle and the sky hasn’t fallen yet. Getting carried away is probably in order!

Post 500 – Be a Better Painter and Gamer

This is it. Post 500. It’s been over 2 years of posts from Jon, Gareth and myself. I could dwell on the successes of but I’m not that inventive. Instead I’d like to share a lesson I’ve learnt from all these blog entries. Life is a participation sport. Readers are looking for news like looking at Space Marines models. Below is a table of the most popular posts on You will notice one common trend, the word leak, leak, leak appears in most of them. The very posts GW and our sponsor don’t want us to show, are the ones you wanted to see. Given we can’t post unreleased pictures, this has obviously given us a bit of a problem.

Post Title Post Views out of 129,212
Home page / Archives 15,168
News: Dark Angels White Dwarf January 2013 Pictures leaked 2,743
News From April White Dwarf – Pictures of the new Tau models 2,591
The Eldar pics are here! June 2013 White Dwarf leaked! 2,403
Rogue Trader Ultramarines 2,096
White Dwarf July Leaks early- Apocalypse for Chaos and Necrons 1,818
Eldar rumours: New Eldar Models may not be in the June White Dwarf 1,537
Rumours: All the contents of the new Space Marine Tactical squad 1,480
Codex Dark Angels Cover Art 1,479
The Ultramarines 1,378

If I was thinking about starting a hobby at the moment I would pick something cheaper than 40k. I’d probably like to give Xwing a go. If I was starting out a blog I would pick something other than 40k. F1 or Bigfoot perhaps.


As I said above life is about participation, so be a better gamer, a be a better painter and I hope your creator blesses you.

I hope we have inspired you over the years. This is by no means the end but a refocusing of our blog towards news and reviews and away from pictures, not that we wont be still posting those.

So I will leave you with the excellent video from our friend Gus who won Silver in the Golden Demon 2013 duel.

The end of Games Day, Golden Demon, White Dwarf and Games Workshop for Ben

I’m sorry to say Games Workshop have totally killed my motivation for their products with 7th Edition. I have had a look through the rule books and can’t justify spending that much money for something which is so obviously worth less than half the price in terms of original content.



Given this latest money grab from Games Workshop, selling what I perceive as a highly recycled over weight product with little in the way of real substance. I’m tempted to join my friends in playing less pricey alternative systems. Seventh edition appears to be a similar profit focused move to the other changes GW have been making with Games Day and White dwarf. I feel like they have been losing market share in Fantasy and Lord of the Rings, so are trying to make up for it by upping the cost of the one system that continues to sell well. Unless they release an FaQ for 6th edition. I think my gaming group has played it’s last game. I imagine I will carry on painting one off models, but as it appears there is no Golden Demon this year, my motivation for painting is at an all time low.

I have arranged a game of 6th edition next weekend which I intend to play, but beyond that I’m not sure I’ll be gaming anymore. Suffice to say if I’m not gaming and painting I won’t have much to contribute to this blog. Hopefully Gareth will still put up the occasional post.

I have given up 40k in the past, when 3rd edition was retired and after 3 years of came back to the hobby. So this may not be forever, however for now, this is the end of Games Workshop for me.

Thanks for reading this blog. I hope I will have something positive to say about Games Workshop at some point. But until then. Live long and prosper.

The Best Battle Report Ever on Chapter Masters?

The last battle report published on Chapter Masters may have been the best one ever? Battle reports are a huge amount of work and I’m keen to publish the best Battle Reports on the internet. I’m interested in which battle report have been your favourites so I can try to do future reports the same way.

Recent reports have included
Ultramarines vs Grey Knights
Tyranids vs Grey Knights
Ultramarines and Tau vs Eldar
Space Wolves vs Tau and Imperial Guard
Space Wolves vs Tau
Ultramarines vs Tau

Is some I’ve focused on photo’s like Warhammer Visions, some have been more a wall of text like White Dwarf weekly.

All these can be found in the Battle Report category.
There is only War!

The question is what makes the best battle report? Please comment below.

Rogue Trader Ultramarine Army

Ultramarine Rogue Trader Spot the Difference

There are 27 differences between these two Ultramarine army photo’s. Can you spot them  all?

1980s White Dwarf 142 rear cover. Complete with Land Raiders, Jet bikes, Grey Knights, Robots, Assault Tactical, Devastator and Command squads.

Rogue Trader Ultramarine Army

Rogue Trader Ultramarine Army painted by Leed Games Workshop

It’s nice to see some things haven’t changed.

Ultramarine Army

Ultramarine Army