The end of Games Day, Golden Demon, White Dwarf and Games Workshop for Ben

I’m sorry to say Games Workshop have totally killed my motivation for their products with 7th Edition. I have had a look through the rule books and can’t justify spending that much money for something which is so obviously worth less than half the price in terms of original content.



Given this latest money grab from Games Workshop, selling what I perceive as a highly recycled over weight product with little in the way of real substance. I’m tempted to join my friends in playing less pricey alternative systems. Seventh edition appears to be a similar profit focused move to the other changes GW have been making with Games Day and White dwarf. I feel like they have been losing market share in Fantasy and Lord of the Rings, so are trying to make up for it by upping the cost of the one system that continues to sell well. Unless they release an FaQ for 6th edition. I think my gaming group has played it’s last game. I imagine I will carry on painting one off models, but as it appears there is no Golden Demon this year, my motivation for painting is at an all time low.

I have arranged a game of 6th edition next weekend which I intend to play, but beyond that I’m not sure I’ll be gaming anymore. Suffice to say if I’m not gaming and painting I won’t have much to contribute to this blog. Hopefully Gareth will still put up the occasional post.

I have given up 40k in the past, when 3rd edition was retired and after 3 years of came back to the hobby. So this may not be forever, however for now, this is the end of Games Workshop for me.

Thanks for reading this blog. I hope I will have something positive to say about Games Workshop at some point. But until then. Live long and prosper.