New G(M)orkanaut Spoted

stompa The Orks look like they are getting some new toys to go stomping with shortly as seen in the link above..Many Ork players must have felt left out at seeing The Tau get riptides. The Eldar get their Wraithknight. The Marines getting thier teletubbies sorry Centurians. The Tyranids getting all of thier nice new Monstrous creatures and the imperial titan knights all appearing before they got there hands on any thing new well her it is waagh!!!  A mini stompa called a Gorkanaut or Morkanaut, that is of similar size to the Forgeworld mega dread but smaller than a Stompa as you can see the towering behemoth in the background behind it in the picture in the link. Does this mean the new Ork codex is just round the corner or will it be a one off sale?