Playing on J’migan Bridge at Warhammer World

Having recently played a game on J’migan Bridge I’d like to share my lessons learnt so you can enjoy the experience even more. First this board is fantastic, hence it being booked up 6 weeks in advance. Second the deployment style makes a big difference to how the board plays. Play across the board and one player will have lots of fortifications and d weapons at their disposal. This will make for a very unbalanced game. J’migan Bridge will force you to split your force into a left and right flank assault. As the bridge forms a big obstacle , unless you want to try to move models under it. Given how hard is is to get dice out from under the bridge, you would be mad to try. As the visibility is restricted in the dried up river bed only tall models like superheavy walkers and flyers can see from the centre of the board. The Fortifications side of the board is
very difficult for tanks and wheeled vehicles to advance through. Skimmers don’t suffer from this problem. The side used in this deployment style has to be carefully weighed up against both you’d plan of attack and the type of units in your army.

Playing lengthways on J’migan Bridge (as show in the picture) produces very different dynamics. For starters either side of the deployment is much more balanced, both in terms of fortifications and D weapons. No mans land will be formed from a combination of the bridge and the dried dried up river bed. This makes a very open and beachhead salt style game.
Playing diagonally on this board is very much the same as playing across the board in that one side will have a clear advantage. I was actually very surprised at the difference having trenches made to the game. They provide a lot of cover benefiting both sides, but this doesn’t dominate the game. Having obstacles which some units can’t cross makes your deployment phase all the more important.
Below are pictured of playing lengthways followed by playing across J’migan Bridge.

Battle of J'mingan Bridge

Advancing Ultramarines


drop assualt on J'magin bridge

Marines vs Orks on J'migan Bridge