Tyranid Army 2000 points

40k rouge trander and 3rd edition Tyranid Army: 2008

This is a medium sized Tyranid army. A single 1st edition Hive Tyrant leads the force. A single Carnifex armed with 4 talons backs him up. There is a good number of troop choices in this force. There are also 3 Zoanthropes, 3 Biovours, 2 Lictors, a single Ravener and a Red Terror.

Tyranid Army 4000 points

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A second Winged Hive Tyrant has now been added, along with two Brood lords, a Mawlock, An old out of production MK1 Zoanthrope, An old out of production MK1 Lictor to act as a Deathleaper, 2 more Raveners, a unit of Gargoyles, some more genestealers, A Venomthrope and 2 Hive guard.


Tyranid Winged Hive Tyrant Conversion

Winged Hive Tyrant

Since the Tyranids were conceived the Hive Tryrant has been the main HQ choice. In older codex’s Tyranid Warriors could act as a HQ but there was little reason not to take a Hive Tyrant. In the latest codex the cost of the Hive Tyrant and lack of an invulnerable save has seen it disappear from smaller games. A Tyranid Prime can be a much more effective choice in a 1000 point battle. As a result the Hive Tyrant has been reserved for larger games. Hive Tyrants are most effective at short range or in close combat and the Heavy Venom Canon that this one is armed with, is really a waste of points. As soon as the Hive Tyrant is within 12 inches it can use it’s AP3 psychic power assuming there are no enemy psychers near by. The wings enable the Hive Tyrant to get to it’s lethal range within 2 turns. The wings on this Hive Tyrant came from a toy dragon.

Swarmlord conversion, </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p> Tyranid Swarm lordSwarm Lord

This SwarmLord conversion is in the process of being finished. The finecast legs have been extended by being stretched whilst warm. The legs have also been repositioned further down the torso. The top of the lower torso section has been built up to increased the overall height of the model. The outer sections of the upper torso have been widened with green stuff and the head has been extended from the body with green stuff. A second horn has been added to the head from a Tyranid sprue. Two of the Bone Sabres have been made from old scything talons and green stuff while the 3rd has been made using the lash whip arm and some plastic card. A seconded tail has been made from green stuff and plastic components. To finished the model the tail section will be thickened with green stuff.

Hive Tyrant

MK1 Tyranid Hive Tyrant, Tyranid Hive Tyrant, Old hive Tyrant, Rouge Trader Hive Tyrant, Hive Tyrant

The original Hive Tyrant is very similar to the current version other than being a bit smaller. The model came with two head designs and a choice of Venom Canon or Bard Stranggler. This one has been mounted on a slate base to make it taller that the Tyranid warriors. The model is also a good base for a Tyranid Prime conversion. A swapping the head and arms with normal Tyranid Warrior parts is very effective.

Tyrant Gaurd

This is the early Tyrant Gaurd Model from the 3rd edition Tyranid release. This Tyranid Gaurd is equiped with a lash wip, rending claw and sheild. The model also works well as an improvised Tyranid Prime.


Spack Hulk (Ymgarl) Geanstealers

2010 Limited Edition Space Hulk, Geanstealers, Space Hulk, Brood Lord, Space Hulk Geanstealers, Space Hulk Brood Lord

This genestealer brood is from the 2010 Limited Edition Space Hulk box set. The stealers have been highlighted using a mix of Necron Abyss and Warlock Purple. The back has been basecoated in Chaos Balck and varnished. I use these as ymgarl stealers in my tyranid army.

Hive Guard


Hive Guard, Metal Hive guard, Finecast Hive Guard, Tyranid Hive Guard

One of these Hivegaurd is made of metal and one is Finecast; I’ll let you guess which is which. One Hive Guard has had it’s legs front leg moved to the side and one of the rear legs moved into a raised postilion, to indicate the model is breaking into a sprint.


Lictor, Tyranid Lictor, MK1 lictor, MK2 lictor, MK3 lictor, Deathleaper, 1st edidtion lictor, 2nd edidtion lictor, 3rd edition lictor, 4th edidtion lictor. Camo lictor

Shown in this photo are all 3 of the mass produces Lictor models. Mk1 Lictor on the right, Mk2 Lictor on the left rear and the current Mk3 Lictor in the foreground. In addition to this Citadel have made a Deathleaper and Limited edition Lictor which are similar in style to the Mk3 model. The Mk3 lictor here has been painted to suggest it is hiding in palm trees, with only part of the head visible. This is quite effective on the battle field, the only problem is both you and your opponent can forget it’s there.


The Venomthrope can be a great unit if used in combination with the right Tyranids. The 5+ save to everything within six inches is obviously great if there is no better cover around. The difficult terrain test it forces enemy unit within the cloud can mean this difference between life and death for the units around it. The model was just painted with light shades of solid colour and washes over a white on grey spray undercoat. There is something missing on this model can you work out what? First to report it on our Facebook group will get there name mentioned here:) What more could you want?


Tyranid Warriors

Tyranid Warrior, </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p> Tyranid Warrior with        Barbed  Stangler,  Barbed  Strangler,

Equiped with Death Spitters, Scything Talons and a Barbed Stranggler. This squad is equipped for laying down fire with their Strength 5 Assault 3 Death spiters and Large Blast Barbed Stranggler.

Rogue Trader Tyranid Warriors

Tyranid Warrior, Tyranid Warrior with Venom Cannon, Venom Cannon, Rogue Trader Tyranid, Metal, old Tyranid

Equipped with Death Spitters, Rending Claws and a Venom Cannon. This squad is equipped for less densely packed armies with tougher armour. Laying down fire with their Strength 5 Assault 3 Deathspiters and Strength 7 Blast Venom Cannon. Also having AP1 attacks from their rending calws to get through power armour.Five of these Warriors are plastic Rogue Trader era models. The model with the Venom Cannon is a multi part metal model. It was released for the 1st Tyranid Codex during the second edition of 40k days.


Brood Lord, broodlord, Geanstealer Broodlord, Tyranid brood lord, Tyranid Broodlord, Geanstealer Brood lord, Geanstealer, Tyranid Geanstealer, purple geanstealer

Genestealers are one of the few troop choices that can fair well in close combat against power armour due to there rending claws; The trick is getting them there. The Brood Lord can add a great deal of difference with his psychic powers and his increase state line which makes the unit survive that little bit longer when there are only a couple of models left.


Termagants with Devourers, </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>  gaunts  with  Devourers

Gaunts can be useful as a canon fodder sheild for the rest of the army and a low cost way of claiming objectives. They have very little offensive capability when armed with Flesh Boarers or Spin fists

Termagants with Devours

Termagants with Devours

Devourers are by far the best weapon for Termagaunt being the standard armament for a Tyranid Warrior. Devourer increase the shooting range of a standard Termagant by 6″, which gets them out of space marine rapid fire and range. The gun is assault 3 meaning each gaunt is likely to force a space marine to make a save. A unit of 10 gaunts should cut down at least 3 space marines per turn. The 20 gaunt unit above costs 200 points and can lay down 60 shots per turn. Just don’t leave them out of cover or too close to the emery.

Rogue Trader Termagants

Rogue trader Termagant, MK1 Termagant, Termagant, metal termagant

This is how Termagants started out life. The Mk1 Termagant had no armour, just an amo sac for their fleshborers on their back, yes that tiny gun in there hand is a fleshborer. As you can see these models are barely any longer than their bases.

Second Edition Termagants

Rogue trader Termagant, MK1 Termagant, Termagant, metal termagant

This is is the next step inTermagants evolution. The Termagant now has armour and their fleshboarers are slightly bigger, but still very small next to the current plastic version. The Termagants are still barely any longer than their bases.

Fast Attack

Spore Mines

Spore Mine, tyranid spore mine

Spore Mines are an underrated unit choice for the Tyranids. They can be a major pain if deployed in the right part of the battle field. Although not very dangerous to most troops they make part of the battle field impassable terrain, forcing your opponent to shoot them instead of the rest of your army. They also don’t give away victory points if killed. A single spore mine cost only 10 points and nearly always pays for itself.


Red Terror, Ravener, Tyanid Ravener

These are the first Ravener models, on later designs the head is similar to the Tyranid Warrior These Raveners are equipped with Rending Claws and Scything Talons.

Red Terror

Red Terror

The Red Terror shown here is equipped with two sets of Scything Talons.


Shrikes, Tyranid Shrikes, Winged Tyranid warriors, old Tyranid warriors, Tyranid attack, advanced space crusade, tyranid fast attack, chaptermasters.com

 These Shrikes have been made from old Tyranid Warriors. The heads have been swapped with heads from the new warrior kit. The wings are from Forgeworld. The older Tyranid Warrior has less substantial armour which is a good representation for the decreased armour save of a Shrike. This unit costs a lot of points as equipped with Bone Swords but they will rip through a Tactical Squad if they can reach it in one piece. This can be problematic as it leaves them exposed to emery fire. It’s best to keep them with a shield of Gargoyles but don’t send the Gargoyles into close combat.

Heavy Support


biovour, tyranid biovore, Mk2 Biovore, old biovore, metal biovore 

Biovores are a good anti horde artillery choice. Having lost their different types of spore mines in the fastest codex, these do not make a good choice against armies with 3+ saves. I rarely play with these as a result. What does still make this unit fun it that you never truly miss. When a mine doesn’t land within one inch of an enemy model the spore mine is left in place and can cause more trouble by stopping you opponent advancing his troops, than any damage the mine would cause. Other Heavy support choices has are normally much more useful, but Biovores can be a good fun way to waste a few points.


Mk2 Canifex, Old One Eye, scything talons, Venon Canon, metal canifex.

This is the second version of the Carnifex which isn’t in production as it’s been replaced with a plastic kit. This version is very similar to Old One Eye. Armed with scything talons and a Venon Canon this carnifex has the ability to inflict damage in every turn of a battle, assuming it can roll a hit. I’ve given this model darker skin tones to suggest it’s a very old member of the fleet.


This Mawloc was painted and asembled in less than 3 hours. It was given a Chaos black undercoat followed by Skull white spayed from above. The skin is a mix of Warlock Purple and Skull White with a purple wash over the top. The Amour is beached bone with a Gryphone Sepia wash. The tallons are Space Wolf Gray with an Asurmen Blue wash. Subsiquenlty hours have been spent bulding up the rasied areas with glases of watered down mixes of the above colours mixed with Skull White. I’m yet to use this model and have it survive till the end of the game. Most of the time it’s shot by everything my oponent can muster the turn it appears. I haven’t worked out how to use this fact to my advantage yet. One thing that I have learnt to do is delpoly it in a well hiden place at the start of the battle and then burrow it on turn 1 in order to garenty it is able to do a subterain