Half God Studios- Golden Demon Winner

El Kaye of Half god studios is a Golden Daemon winner from  Warhammer Fest 2014, 15, 16, 17 & probably 2018.

golden deamon

Above is his Silver winning entry the from the monstrous creature category at Golden Demon 2014 Horus the warmaster is from the  range of Forge world Horus heresy character series.

El Kaye entered several different entries in Golden Demon 2014, which can be seen below.


Dark Angle Chaplin Black Templars Captain Krom Dragongaze 40k Single Miniature Golden Demon 2014

Dark Angle Chaplin Black Templars Captain Krom Dragongaze 40k Single Miniature Golden Demon 2014



You can see more of the awesome work from Half God Studios here.

Half God Studios Facebook Page

Lastly a personal Apology to El on the length of time he has waited for this feature on Chapter Masters to go up. Since Gaz drafting it, and then taking a sabbatical from Chapter Masters, Ellis has been featured in White Dwarf a number of times. I can’t claim this was worth the weight, but hopefully it’s still welcome.


Rise of a knight

The rise of a knight part 1


Many of you will have seen Jon’s wip Knight knocking about the site since their release which you can be seen above Hiding behind My Bane blade. Since seeing his Knight I had been craving getting hold of one myself and managed to get it around April  and have slowly been working on it since, I didn’t just want a bog standard normal knight. So being as I’m not a very good painter I had to think long and hard as to what I should do to make it stand out.20140421-083705.jpg

On a trip to Warhammer world there happened to be a Throne  of skulls tournament where there was plenty of really good armies present   although as I was looking round at all the armies I suddenly noticed 1 army that really stood out an army of knights with their eyes wired up with Led lights Eureka I knew what would now make my knight stand out!

After receiving my knight I set about opening up the box and making sure I had a good look at the sprues to see how I could achieve this.

IMG_0446-0.JPGMy initial thoughts were OH DEAR and GOLLY GOSH ok perhaps I said something a little stronger!

Watch out for part two to see how I got on.

Are Specialist Games Returning?

Dread fleet

It’s nice to see Games workshop haven’t abandoned Specialist games with the recent release of Space Hulk. I hope those of you that wanted 1 got up early on release day and grabbed yourself one  as they sold out online within minutes of being on pre order!


Hopefully though with this release it will mean that we see a return of games such as Man O war (later known as Dread fleet,  Warhammer quest, Warmaster Battlefleet Gothic or Epic.

Battle FLeet Gothic, Chaos Fleet

Many Gamers still play some of these games as Jon witnessed at Warhammer world just the other weekend when he saw a game of epic being played below. although i don’t remember what that cylindrical object with amber liquid in was in epic.








Grey Knights Codex Rumours

grey knights

Knights assualt

It seems as though Games Workshops thick and fast approach is charging ahead full steam with rumours of the Grey knights being the next to be released. The link below. http://www.talkwargaming.com/2014/08/leaks-grey-knight-codex-confirmed-for.html. The release looks set to be a disappointment for Knight players because as of yet  no new releases have been spotted, apart from the introduction of seperate boxsets for Purifier squads and Strike Squads meaning it will be less costly to field more  Strike squads although i’m sure you can just buy the strike squads and field them as purifers anyway unless there are any new weapons in the Purifier kit.

The Codex will also be missing the inquisitors and assassins which will be released later in a datasheet. so it will be a pure Grey knights Codex. This suits myself down to the ground as I rarely use assassins and inquisitors in my Grey knight army.