Grey Knights Codex Rumours

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Knights assualt

It seems as though Games Workshops thick and fast approach is charging ahead full steam with rumours of the Grey knights being the next to be released. The link below. The release looks set to be a disappointment for Knight players because as of yet  no new releases have been spotted, apart from the introduction of seperate boxsets for Purifier squads and Strike Squads meaning it will be less costly to field more  Strike squads although i’m sure you can just buy the strike squads and field them as purifers anyway unless there are any new weapons in the Purifier kit.

The Codex will also be missing the inquisitors and assassins which will be released later in a datasheet. so it will be a pure Grey knights Codex. This suits myself down to the ground as I rarely use assassins and inquisitors in my Grey knight army.