Post 500 – Be a Better Painter and Gamer

This is it. Post 500. It’s been over 2 years of posts from Jon, Gareth and myself. I could dwell on the successes of but I’m not that inventive. Instead I’d like to share a lesson I’ve learnt from all these blog entries. Life is a participation sport. Readers are looking for news like looking at Space Marines models. Below is a table of the most popular posts on You will notice one common trend, the word leak, leak, leak appears in most of them. The very posts GW and our sponsor don’t want us to show, are the ones you wanted to see. Given we can’t post unreleased pictures, this has obviously given us a bit of a problem.

Post Title Post Views out of 129,212
Home page / Archives 15,168
News: Dark Angels White Dwarf January 2013 Pictures leaked 2,743
News From April White Dwarf – Pictures of the new Tau models 2,591
The Eldar pics are here! June 2013 White Dwarf leaked! 2,403
Rogue Trader Ultramarines 2,096
White Dwarf July Leaks early- Apocalypse for Chaos and Necrons 1,818
Eldar rumours: New Eldar Models may not be in the June White Dwarf 1,537
Rumours: All the contents of the new Space Marine Tactical squad 1,480
Codex Dark Angels Cover Art 1,479
The Ultramarines 1,378

If I was thinking about starting a hobby at the moment I would pick something cheaper than 40k. I’d probably like to give Xwing a go. If I was starting out a blog I would pick something other than 40k. F1 or Bigfoot perhaps.


As I said above life is about participation, so be a better gamer, a be a better painter and I hope your creator blesses you.

I hope we have inspired you over the years. This is by no means the end but a refocusing of our blog towards news and reviews and away from pictures, not that we wont be still posting those.

So I will leave you with the excellent video from our friend Gus who won Silver in the Golden Demon 2013 duel.