New Space Marine Tactical Squad – Should you buy or not

Is this a better tactical squad?

Well I think this question is a mute point, of course you will end up buying this kit. It’s going to be very hard to avoid it. There is still the question of should you buy the new squad, the old one while it’s still available, which should be a long time given how many have been made, or even should you take the forge world route.

grav gun

I’ve been waiting for this kit for a long time. Given the level of anticipation Games Workshop have got to deliver on this kit. Let me start buy saying I both really like it and I’m disappointed by it at the same time. On the positive site it managed to have a fresh look. It has subtle differences from the old kit while still incorporating a lot of the same heads, torsos and arms; which is quite clever. If it had been made to look very different we would all have been up in arms about our old squads that now look tied and old. This way we can mix the new models through our collections and keep the old ones on the game table to.

There are a host of options with the new kit, including some hat tips to the old power armour suits, New MK4 legs, a couple of Mk6 torsos, more Mk6 heads and a new Mk8 torso with a high collar, there are also new heads and lots of weapon choices. All the old heavy and special weapons are included, the back pack for the missile luncher has been brought up to date with the devastator and old black reach kit. A Grav Gun, Grav pistol and a combi weapon which can be built as a combi grav, plasma, melta or flamer. Some of the old chain swords and pistols have been removed to achieve this. There is also a new aiming bolter stance and reloading bolter pose. The only issue on options is that there are no other heavy weapons included.

Rules wise this Tactical Squad has a slight edge on the old one. The grav pistol gun and combi weapons will allow a more useful build. The rules also now allow for a special or heavy weapon in a 5 man squad. As well as these you have the option of taking a Veteran Sergeant, although why you wouldn’t want the extra point of leadership escapes me.

Now it’s time to look at the price, £25 yes oh yes only £25. I guess I’m glad they didn’t add any more heavy weapons or this certainly would have been higher. I was expecting this kit to weigh in at £28. Given the inclusion of 10 different leg poses, more torso choices, the grav and combi weapons I think this squad is worth the extra £2. Not only are three different sprues, but they are all separate designs, that’s £9.33 per sprue design, as many as there are in the new necron super heavy kit but for a lot less. There are also 10 men in the box that’s £2.50 per man. A lot less than many of the other GW kits

Over all I’m very happy with this. I can’t wait to get myself at least one of these sets. At last something that was worth GWs effort from this release.

  • Appearance 9/10
  • Options in the kit 8/10 (-2 for missing heavy weapons and sergeants weapons)
  • Rules 8/10
  • Price 8/10
  • Over all 8/10

Next time I’ll look at the new veterans.


To recap

  • Centurions 6/10
  • Captain 6/10
  • Librarian 6/10
  • Chaplain 5/10
  • Tactical Squad 8/10