More news on 40k 7th edition or even 6.5th edition.

More rumours have surfaced today on 7th edition. Bell of lost souls are reporting the release on the 24th May will be a full size 40k rule book with a full size price tag.
TalkTalk wargaming is reporting GW management have been briefed on 40k 6.5th edition. As 40k radio has previously “leaked” this book is an update to the 6th edition ruleset with the faqs, and a few other tweaks. Those hoping to see the end of Battle Brothers unit buffs may have to wait another couple of years.
I think the inclusion of other expansions and supplements can now be discounted. While the 40k rule sets have been removed from the Games Workshop web store, all the expansions and supplements are still available for purchase.

If all the above is true, one question remains. Will existing rule book owners have to buy a whole new book in order to get hold of these rules, or will there be a final 6th edition FAQ or White Dwarf to tie everything up?