40k 7th Edition Code Name Revised 6th Edition

Yesterday news broke or rather rumours did that 7th edition is in fact a revised 6th edition. The question we were left asking is what happens to those with old 6th edition books? Will they have to shell out again only 18 months after buying the tomb that is 6th edition for yet another book. It seems the good news is there will be a free? PDF to cover the changes? At least according to one birdie of unknown reliability on DakkaDakka.
If his information is correct, it’s just as well. The entry price of 40k is going up by 33%. Which will make the book £60 or $100US. I guess games workshop need to put up some prices this year and I’m sure lots of people will go out and buy this new book. However I also expect there will be lots of people who won’t.
This does raise the question once more is Games Workshop hurting their profits by putting people off the hobby. While existing 40k gamers may be willing to shell out this amount of money on a book. You need to look no further than the forge world books to know this is the case. The question remains how many potential gamers will be put off by these price tags.
There may be some great selling points to this new book. Lords of war gaming are reporting this won’t be one book but 3, rules, background and a miniature showcase. Rumours of inclusion of the existing supplements are still flying around. I’m still looking at their current availability as a sign they will not be.

On the subject of the actually rule changes.
40k radio have put their reputation on the line by stating the 40k force organisation chart is not changing one bit. So no percentages. Of all the rumours and information above this is the only thing I would be take as gospel.