New space marine pictures have now hit the web.


So far pictures of the centurions the hunter Sternguard the Vanguard Space marine captain Chaplin , librarian and the tactical squad Have all surfaced. Of all these I am most impressed with the Vanguard. They appear to come with a range of helmets including Mach 3, Mark four, Mark six, Mark seven, and a helmet with a halo.
From what I have seen so far, The hints I was given by the design team about a wider range of power armour appear to have been correct, however the armour seams to be spread throughout the box set rather than contained just within the tactical squad, as I had assumed, but then they couldn’t very well tell me there was going to be plastic veterans as well. The Tactical squad does now appear to have a mk6 chest plate, along with mk4 legs as well as more mk6 legs sets. Given the are not going to be more than 10 sets of legs in the box, I think it’s fair to assume we are getting 1x mk iv, 4x mk vi and 5 x mkvii. There does not appear to have been any pictures  of anything but mk6 and mk7 helmets but it’s early days as far as options are concerned. The veteran sets do appear to have mk3, mk4 and mk6 helmets. I did see some mk8 legs on one of the veterans, which may mean a full suit of mkvii armour may now be possible. A full suit of mk6 looks to be contained within the tactical set as the missing rimless shoulder pad is now present. The bolters I’ve seen so far do not appear to be any but the common patterns. The back packs also all look to be mk7 with little design tweaks, as do the jump packs. At this stage only a missile launcher has been seen with the set but I’m fairly sure there will be a heavy bolter in one of the new sets. So that must means it is true!