Information leaking – Space Marines Release Information from White Dwarf

The wait is over, the rumours are over the information is here!

The Space Marine codex is the biggest Codex yet at 178 pages. The author is Robin Crudice, but remember the author writes the background not the rules. It’s going to push the envelope on price a little, costing $58 estimate £38 the same as Calgar and his honour guard.

Along side the Space Marine codex there will be a war zone supplement by Phil Kelly – Warzone: Damnos. Expect missions, back grounds and maybe a few formations and extra rules.  Estimated to cost the same as Death from the skys £20 . No word  if this is a limited print like Crusade of fire.

On the model front the tactical squad is getting a new 10 man box set and is only going to the same as a bike squad.

Release listing

Reclusiam Command Squad

Razorback 5 man command squad and a space marine chaplin – Plastic – $90 (estimate £50 same as Libraius)

Space Marine Stalker/Hunter

Anti Aircraft tank with two weapon options $65 – (estimate £50 same as land rader) This does not replace the whirlwind

Space Marine Captain 

$30 – Plastic  (estimate £18.50 same as landspeader)

Space Marine Librarian

$30 – Plastic (estimate £18.50 same as landspeader)

Space Marine Strikeforce

39 models $220  – Plastic  (estimate £125 more than Heros of Rynn’s World)

Space Marine Centurion Devastator/ Assault Squad

3 models $78 – (estimate £45 same as the Storm raven) Plastic – This does not replace either the Devistator or Assault Squad sets.

Space Marine Tactical Squad

10 models $40  – Plastic (estimate £25.50 same as current sternguard)

Space Marine Sternguard

5 models $50 (or$40) – Plastic (estimate £25.50 same as current sternguard) 

Space Marine Vanguard

5 models $40  (pr $50)- Plastic (estimate £25.50 same as current sternguard or £28 same as Terminator squad)

I don’t understand why the Sternguard are listed as  more than the Vangaurd, don’t be surprised if this is a miss print and it actually the other way around.