Golden Demon 2016

Looking for the winners? Here is the link. Golden Demon 2016 Winners

Great news. Chaptermaster’s very own Ben Jackson will be going to Golden Demon this year. Somehow he had managed to squeeze in a visit to Warhammer Fest in his busy Mathraton training schedule. Ben had this to say.

“I love Golden Demon and I’m so glad GW are making a day of it this year. While I love a trip to Warhammer World as much as the next person, 12 trips in one year is a bit much; unless you live in Nottingham. The atmosphere Golden Demon is electric, and on top of all of the fantastically painted models, the Forge World displays are normally exceptional. I can’t wait to see what I’ve done this year. As a venue The Rico arena is a huge improvement from the NEC and NIA. Having a much more relaxed atmosphere and better food choices available, the parking was also free last time. So big thumbs up to Kevin Rowntree on bringing back the best day in the games workshop calendar. I hope to post some pictures on the day and keep the ChapterMasters website busy with new content for weeks to come.