Warhammer Fest 2016

Looking for the Golden Demon 2016 winners. Click the link.

Golden Demon 2016 winners
And so Warhammer Fest begins

The big Forge World release is an even more heavily armoured Porphyrion. 

But probably even bigger than that  the first painted mastodon has been spotted. The Sons of Horus roll out.

Leman Russ looks to be almost ready. It appears it’s just the base left to do. I wonder if there might be a couple of wolves on it.

The Rhico arena floor plan, it’s a great venue for Warhammer Fest. Really relaxed and full of natural light.

And the most popular area….

The queue for Forge World Goodies. They call it Warhammer Fest, but we know it as ForgeHammer Fest. 
And here is ForgeWorlds new bird

More pictures are available at battlebunnies. They have been posting great content all day. 
ChapterMasters will be picking up coverage of Golden Demon tomorrow.