Will it be easier to organise a game of 40k 7th edition

Over the last few iterations of 40k it’s become more and more difficult to organise a game. This isn’t purely due to the changes in rules, but a combinations of rules, diversity and peoples’ ever growing armies.
I remember when a game of 40k meant getting out all 6 models I owned. Rolling some dice to work out what profiles and equipment they had, putting down my 5×3 grass board, (movement was only 4 inches in those days) along with some of my dad’s railway buildings and using books as hills. These days it involves booking somewhere to play or booking my family out of the house. Agreeing who’s turn it is to be space marines. We only had space marines back in the days before Tyranid attack and 40k box sets. Packing up over 100 models and some tanks into a case, agreeing which missions/expansions we will be playing, if forge world rules, super heavies, fortifications, D-weapons or flyers are to be excluded, what points value is being played and if it’s going to be a balanced game. And all that’s before thinking about your army list phew.
As you may be able to tell, I like to turn up, put my painted models on the board and play game. Life is too short to spend more time planning a game than playing it. The problem with this is after 20 something years collecting Ultramarines it’s not going to be a fair fight if I bring all my models and the game probably won’t get finished either.

Will 40k 7th edition make planning a game any easier? Not Likely! Even if super heavies are in the core rules I don’t see tournaments or local game groups allowing these without question. Even though most armies now have a way to deal with flyers my own gaming group still views flyers as something that has to be authorised before being used. I don’t see D-weapons being given an open blessing either. D-weapons will need to be toned down in order to be used in standard games of 40k, I think D-weapons need to be toned down full stop, or have their points values adjusted given the changes made in 6th edition. My hope is the core rules version of d weapons won’t be as over powered is they are right now and this will stop the questioning over their use.
If the rumours on Allies sliders are true army list writing is about to get far more complex as you will have the option of taking 3 allied lists and picking which one your going to use once you have seen your opponents list.

So do you think 7th edition will result in simplified rules, less expansions and smaller armies??? Or much like Bruce Banner will 40k become a every bigger greener angry monster of a game.