Warhammer Fest 2016 Display Boards with Video

There were more display boards at this year’s Fest of Warhammer. Forge Wolrd only brought one of their’s along, but GW bought quite a few. GW also brought their  planning books for the making the large boards at Warhammer World unfortunately I didn’t get photos of those.

Forge World – Iron Hands vs World Eaters

Click the picture above to see the video

Citidel Warhammer 40k – Imperial City Board

Blood Bowl Pitch from Speciast Games

Lord of the Rings River Town

Lord of the Rings – Necromancer Citidel

I have lots more pictures but very limited internet for the next few day. Posting will be intermittent. Subscribe on this site follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to get notifications when I do.

The next post will be the golden demon winners I managed to photo.

A look back at Warhammer Fest 2016  Diplay Boards Video

I recently wrote about how the Forge World display boards were absence at Warhammer Fest in 2017. I thought I would recapt on what Forge World brought to the piece last year. GW and Forge World had swapped floors in 2016. The GW studio brought 2 of their own 4×4 display boards.

Forge Worlds displayed a massive World Eaters vs Iron Hands board

Click for the video

Games Workshop brought a 40k board

The new Specist game team brought Blood Bowl

Specist Games also put on 2 Lord of the Rings displays

River town

Plenty to marvel at.


Warhammer Fest and Golden Demon to return in 2016

News broke at the Horus Herersy Weekend that Warhammer Fest will take place in May of 2016. It will be again be held at the Rhico arena in Coventry.

Golden Demon will be held at Warhammer Fest in place of the Warhammer World mini competitions. 
The 1st pictures of the tickets have appeared on volomir.blogspot.co.uk.

This can only be good news for Golden Demon fans who want to see all the entries, but don’t want to make 12 separate trips to Warhammer World in order to do so.

I know that the Warhammer Fest format wasn’t a hit with everyone, but I enjoyed it and will certainly go to get pictures of all the entires.

So if you want to see this years best painted Citidel and Forge World models, mark the 14th and 15th of May out in your dairy.

Paint for the paint God.