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Golden Demon 2014 Monstrous Creature – Tyranids

I didn’t come across many Tyranid entry’s in Golden Demon 2014. Probably due to the limited number of categories they can be entered in. There were two present in the Monstrous Creature section and a handful more between Diorama and Duel. I wouldn’t really say there was one stand out entry, for a best bug in show award.

Forge World Tyranid Malthrope

Tyranid Haruspex – Hive Fleet Kraken



Not from the same category but there is a Carifex in there.


Games Workshop withdraws Zoanthropes and Venthropes

You may have noticed Zoanthropes and Venthropes have been removed from the Game Workshop webstore. One of our some what disappointed readers has just forwarded an email to us from Games Workshop Customer Services.

“Hello *******,

thank you for your email. Unfortunately, the Zoanthrope is no longer available in our webstore and there are no plans to produce more. I’m sorry to have disappointed you this time.

Kind regards,

Games Workshop Customer Service”

This either means the long standing Zoanthrope has been altogether abandoned by the hive mind or their is a new plastic kit on the way.

R.I.P Zoanthropes you served the hive well.IMG_0511.PNG