Games Workshop withdraws Zoanthropes and Venthropes

You may have noticed Zoanthropes and Venthropes have been removed from the Game Workshop webstore. One of our some what disappointed readers has just forwarded an email to us from Games Workshop Customer Services.

“Hello *******,

thank you for your email. Unfortunately, the Zoanthrope is no longer available in our webstore and there are no plans to produce more. I’m sorry to have disappointed you this time.

Kind regards,

Games Workshop Customer Service”

This either means the long standing Zoanthrope has been altogether abandoned by the hive mind or their is a new plastic kit on the way.

R.I.P Zoanthropes you served the hive well.IMG_0511.PNG

Today’s Picture: Tyranid Tuesday – Green Forge World Hive Tyrant

For Tyranid Tuesday we have a horrific Hive Tyrant. This Hive Tyrant was sculpted by Forge World’s Simon Egan.
I love the use of natural pastel green’s, which add a real nature look to this model. From a resale perspective you have to be brave to paint Tyranids in anything but the major hive fleet colours, Although of course Forge World have nothing to fear.




Today’s Question: What Bio Titan is this and when will Forge World make it

I don’t recognise this as any sort of Tyranid model from 40k or epic. I think it looks rather good. It’s clearly Bio Titan size. While we can’t expect Forge World to make every piece of artwork the Studio puts out this look like it would be a great looking close combat Tyranid Titan. This image is taken from the Tyranid codex. What do you think? Have I forgotten about some obscure epic Titan? The comment section is open below.


Space Hulk re-release almost certain – details here

Gary has posted this today.

Space Hulk rerelease details $125USD or €100/£75
English only this time around. No translations
Limited Re-release from the 2009 edition but with
-4 new scenarios
-The box contains new counters (boarding torpedoes, breach counters, damaged control room and turbo lift tiles)Box

35 Easy fit models
22 Genestealers, 1 Broodlord and 12 Space Marine Terminators.
189 board sections and gaming counters.
1 x Rulebook and 1 x Mission book containing 16 scenarios including 4 new ones.

IF this RUMOUR is true, It looks like Games Workshop are taking repackaging old products to a whole new level. I can’t help but wonder if they have broken a law somewhere by re presenting the same Limited edition product. Clearly they don’t destroy all the mould and CAD files for their limited edition products. It must be the box that was limited.