Today’s Picture: Scratch Built Eldar Relevant Titan

This Relevant Titan was recently sold on a well know auction site for £72. I’m really at a loss to explain any of the parts used in it’s construction. The listing only stated it was 11.5 inches or 29 cm tall. Some of the parts look like jet bike bonnets, but they clearly are not.
I really like scratch build models that don’t just try to replicate existing GW designs. That said this model has made me wonder what would be possible as a kit bash from a Wraith Knight. Once the rear fin has been made, you would need two engines to go on the shoulders and something to extend the model’s size. I’ve been reading that toothbrushes can make great legs. I don’t have time to tackle such a project at the moment, but I’d love to see someone try.
Did you or do you know who built this model? Please get in contact and tell us more about it.









  • RageofAchilles

    Thanks :) I felt that just using red would be too flat , so I thought of using the white as a contrast and as a way of giving it a more dynamic sporty look.
    The guns are casts of an original I made based on the size of the scorpion tank pulsars. For the top of one of the titans heads I used an old metal Eldar dreadnought canopy, the other used a forearm guard from the original Gastness 2 kit.
    Personally I think the” Five Star Stories” kits make a perfect base for Eldar scout titans .

  • RageofAchilles

    I’m glad you liked it. I made two of them. I was going to make more, but it sold for such a low price, it just wasn’t worth the effort.
    It is a conversion of a resin kit called Gastness 2 from the Five Star Stories series.

    • Jon

      Wow At £45 that looks like a great way to make an Eldar Titan. How much more did you have to spend on other parts? It just shows how expensive GW is.

    • Ben Jackson

      Wow that’s a great base for a scout Titan, what did you use for the Eldar bits?

    • Ben Jackson

      The way you have used Red and White to define the look of a Titan is also really clever.