Today’s Picture: Scratch Built Eldar Relevant Titan

This Relevant Titan was recently sold on a well know auction site for £72. I’m really at a loss to explain any of the parts used in it’s construction. The listing only stated it was 11.5 inches or 29 cm tall. Some of the parts look like jet bike bonnets, but they clearly are not.
I really like scratch build models that don’t just try to replicate existing GW designs. That said this model has made me wonder what would be possible as a kit bash from a Wraith Knight. Once the rear fin has been made, you would need two engines to go on the shoulders and something to extend the model’s size. I’ve been reading that toothbrushes can make great legs. I don’t have time to tackle such a project at the moment, but I’d love to see someone try.
Did you or do you know who built this model? Please get in contact and tell us more about it.