MkI Space Marines Rouge Trader

Mk I Space Marines

Today’s picture is a pair of the only MkI Ultramarine Games Workshop have manufactured. These are painted as Ultramarines. The Ultramarines legion were never issued with Mk1 armour, for combat use. The Thunder warriors were the only one of the Emperor’s forces to use it in combat. These Ultramarine must be using it for ceremonial purposes. It appears Ben’s Ultramarines have been caught out a few times as the marine armed with a bolter has appeared in a few battle reports. The marine armed with a relic blade has never seen combat although he forms part of Ben’s Ultramarine army honour guard.

Mki Space Marine, Mk1 Ultramarine

Attica Centurius, Veteran Sergeant Centurius, legion of the Damned

Rules for Legion of the Damned Veteran Sergeant Attica Centurius tomorrow.

Attica Centurius, Veteran Sergeant Centurius, legion of the DamnedThe Keys are being tapped, ticker tape is being read, servo skulls are turning pages of old text from the black Library, archives once thought lost have been found. Soon a figure who has not walked the battlefields of the 41st millennium for hundreds of years will return. These rules will be 100% ChapterMasters,com approved. Death to the heretic that says otherwise!

Link to rules below


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Today’s Picture: 4th Company

Ultramarine 4th CompanySomething for those of you who like to count the Mk’s of Power Armour in a Space Marine Company. Oh that’s just me is it? 100  Ultramarines wearing a mix of MkI 1, MkII 2, MkIII 3. MkIV 4 MkV 5 MkVI 6, MkVII 7 and MkVIII 8 Power Armour.

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