Sergeant Centurius 6th edition rules

Sixth Edition rules for Legion of the Damned Veteran Sargeant Attica Centurius

Sergeant Centurius 6th edition rules Veteran Sergeant Centurius

The Legion of the damned are not believed to have any formal chapter organisation. One figure has on occasion been witnessed to direct other squads and be accompanied by what some consider a body guard. Veteran Sergeant Centurius is believed to be the only Veteran Sergeant within the ranks of the Legion of the Damned. He carries an artefact that bears striking resemblance to the Animus Malorum, which belonged to ChapterMaster Stibor Lazaerek of the Fire Hawks Chapter. Some quote this as evidence that the Legion of the Damned is in fact all that is left of the Fire Hawks Chapter, some speculate that the Centurius found the artefact in the warp, other believe he came across it by far more sinister means.

Unofficial Rules for Sergeant Centuries based on the original rules from White Dwarf 195 can be found here Sergeant Centurius 2013 . These rules do not have Games Workshop approval so please check with your opponent before using them. These rules are in the spirit of the original, they are not a carbon copy with updated points values.

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