40k Rumours: Deamons are out next month, followed by flyers, Tau, an expansion, Eldar. Then later Tyranids, Orks, Space Marines and Black Templars

Rather than tell you….

Deamons are out next month, flyers the month after that and that Black Templars are getter a big rehash some time in the future.

Matt Ward is working on Tyranids and Orks, Phil Kelly is working on Space Marines, Templars and Eldar, Robin Crudace is working on the Tau and then quote some sources.

I thought I give you a game to play. All you will need is a D6. Ready ok roll the D6 the number of times stated below and comment at the bottom of this post with the combination of terms you got. Before you know it the internet will be full of half true rumours that your created.

3 Blood Angels
4 Chaos Daemons
5 Chaos Space Marines
6 Dark Angels
7 Dark Eldar
8 Eldar
9 Grey Knights
10 Imperial Guard
11 Flyers
12 Necrons
13 Orks
14 Sisters of Battle
15 Space Marines
16 Space Wolves
17 Tau Empire
18 Tyranids
are getting a
1 D3 new flyer
2 New Codex
3 White Dwarf update with new models
4 Wave release
5 The Biggest release since Dark Eldar
6 Being phased out
1 next month
2 In two months
3 In three months
4 later this year
5 early next year
6 never
1 I
2 a friend
3 a GW store empolyee
4 a manager of a GW store
5 someone I know who works in the head office
6 roll again
got this from
1 a guy in my local store
2 the manager of my local store
3 some at the head office
4 somewhere on the internet (quote a user name and website)
5 a guy who knows everything
6 Matt ward

I got “Tau are getting a new codex in the early next year someone I know who works in the head office got this from the manager of a GW store. ”

Ok so the last bit isn’t perfect but it was looking pretty good till then.

In summary if it didn’t get a codex in the last three month it’s being worked on by one of the guys in the studio and Jes Godwin has some shinny new models in mind, on his sketch pad or already in box’s in Australia. Yes were are you Eldar Everguard?

And now we can get back to painting 🙂