MkI Space Marines Rouge Trader

Mk I Space Marines

Today’s picture is a pair of the only MkI Ultramarine Games Workshop have manufactured. These are painted as Ultramarines. The Ultramarines legion were never issued with Mk1 armour, for combat use. The Thunder warriors were the only one of the Emperor’s forces to use it in combat. These Ultramarine must be using it for ceremonial purposes. It appears Ben’s Ultramarines have been caught out a few times as the marine armed with a bolter has appeared in a few battle reports. The marine armed with a relic blade has never seen combat although he forms part of Ben’s Ultramarine army honour guard.

Mki Space Marine, Mk1 Ultramarine

Rogue trader space marines

Today’s Picture: Rogue Trader Ultramarine Tactical Squad

Ben has been taking some more photo’s of his Rouge Trader Space Marines. Here we have some of his late 80s collection. From left to right. Brother Longun armed with a heavy bolter, unnamed Space Marine, Brother Reeves, Brother Hamilton all carry the trusted bolt gun while Brother Repp is armed with a melta gun.

Sculptors: Jes Goodwin, Aly Morrison, Bob Naismith, Michael and Alan Perry Painter: Ben Jackson
Source: White Dwarf 93 & 99 Released: September 1987 & March 1988

rogue trader space marine

Today’s picture: Ultramarine Devastator Company

What to do when faced with a close combat, army equipped with power armour, bring a devastator company.
Ben Jackson has built this Devastator Company by using a mix of Space Marines from the Ultramarines 3rd, 4th Companies and old rogue trader Space Marines. Currently the majority of squads have only 3 heavy weapons. Ben is intending to add more Devastator Squads to his Ultramarine army so he can field a full strength Devastator Company.

ultramarine Devastator Company

Space Marine Devastator Company

Grey Knights in power armour

Golden Demon 2013 Warhammer 40,000 squad category

Golden Demon catergory squad

A selection of Entries from Games days Golden demon 2013. I have chosen to post them all as one post as they were all so close together.Ratlings

A well painted Ratling squad from the Imperial Guard sorry the Astra Militarumgrey knights

A Grey Knight strike squad armed with a a pair of falchions,Psycannon, a demon force Hammer and  a force halberd. steel legion

Here we have a squad of steel warrior guardsmenworld eater Jet bikes3 Spacemarines Jetbikes from the pre heresy World Eaters legion.

Rogue Trader Ultramarine Army

Ultramarine Rogue Trader Spot the Difference

There are 27 differences between these two Ultramarine army photo’s. Can you spot them  all?

1980s White Dwarf 142 rear cover. Complete with Land Raiders, Jet bikes, Grey Knights, Robots, Assault Tactical, Devastator and Command squads.

Rogue Trader Ultramarine Army

Rogue Trader Ultramarine Army painted by Leed Games Workshop

It’s nice to see some things haven’t changed.

Ultramarine Army

Ultramarine Army