Blood Bowl Preview

Games Workshop have started advertising the Blood Bowl box game. Bell of Lost Souls are reporting it’s expected to be released later this year, that’s within three months. One might suspect November pre-orders.
The Specist Games Studio where good enough to preview a lot of the first wave of models at Warhammer Fest 2016, aka GamesDay to us Old Ones.

Warhammer Fest Blood Bowl Previews

New Ork Team

New Ork Team

New Human Blood

New Human Blood

Ork Blood Bowl Team

Ork Blood Bowl Team

blood bowl field

not the game board in the box

Ork Blood Bowl Team

Ork Blood Bowl Team

Not only where did the studio bring along this preview to Warhammer Fest this year. There were also Ork and Dark Elf team entered in Golden Demon.

Blood Bowl Teams at Golden Demon

Dark Elf Blood Bowl Team Golden Demon

Dark Elf Blood Bowl Team at Golden Demon

Ork Blood Bowl Team
Ork Blood Bowl Team

Ork Blood Bowl Team at Golden Demon

Hopefully it won’t be too long befor the old Fantasy Football game to returns.

Golden Demon 2016 Winners

Warhammer Fastasy Single miniature and Regement have now been added.
This post will contain all of the winnig entries for the 2016 Golden Demon painting competition. 

The pictures below follow the order of the awards, as anouniced on the day. The first award anouniced was the young blood bronze winner.

Young Bloods Bronze

Young Bloods Siver

Young Bloods Gold

Warhammer 40,000 Single miniature

Warhammer 40k Single Miniture Bronze

Warhammer 40k Single Miniture Silver

Warhammer 40k Single Miniture Gold

Warhammer 40,000 Squad

Unfortunate this catagory was off for final judging as I passed the cabinets so I’m going to have to dig up some better images.

Warhammer 40k Squad Bronze

Warhammer 40k Squad Silver

Warhammer 40k Squad Gold

Warhammer 40,000 Large Monster

40k Large Monster Bronze

40k Large Monster Silver

40k Large Monster Gold

Warhammer 40,000 Vehicle 

Warhammer 40,000 Vehicle Bronze

Warhammer 40,000 Vehicle Silver

Warhammer 40,000 Vehicle Gold

Warhammer Fantasy Single Miniture

Warhammer Fantasy Single Miniture Bronze

Warhammer Fantasy Single Miniture Silver

Warhammer Fantasy Single Miniture Gold

Warhammer Fantasy Regement  

Warhammer Fantasy Regement  Bronze

Warhammer Fantasy Regement  Silver

Warhammer Fantasy Regement  Gold

Warhammer Fantasy Large Monster  
Warhammer Fantasy Large Monster  Bronze

Warhammer Fantasy Large Monster Silver

Warhammer Fantasy Large Monster Gold

Diorama  Golden Demon 2016

Diorama Bronze

Diorama Silver

Diorama Gold

Ben’s desk a year in review

Having given up on 40k and writing for ChapterMaster’s Ben has managed to kick out an amazing amount of Gaming standard models over the last year. Ben has this to say.

“This year has very much been a case of quantity over quality in my model painting. There have been a few reasons for this.

1)The ever increasing number of unpainted models in my collection.
2)The house I recently moved to having a lot less natural light reducing my ability to put finishing touches on models to certain times of day, when I’m in the office normally.
3)A general reduction in spare time due to work and famIly commitments.
4)Being disheartened by some of the releases this year, mainly codex causing me to abandon projects part way through such as my Tyranid, Grey Knight and now Blood Angels army.
5)My new airbrush. Which is good at covering models in paint but not so good for painting parts of models.

In many respects this has been the year of finishing the gaming table, which I’ve done both to inspire battle thirst and because I can paint buildings in poor lighting and while half asleep watching TV.

Space Wolves
2014 started out with Space Wolves, some of these Grey Hunters were technically painted in 2013 but I forget which. This intent was to complete a Great Company for Apocalypse however I’m yet to get any further than coating the dreadnought in frendress grey.



The year also finished with Space Wolves as I tried to get my final remaining Rouge Trader Space Wolf painted, alas N’jal is no way need complete.

These Thunderwolves are also far from complete, but are just about table ready.


My long and troubled love affair with Tyranids ended this year as the studio failed to un break my hormaguant and geanstealers with a new codex for the last time, so I’ve moved to pastures Greener. In other word I quit using Tyraninds and started another attempt at an Ork Army. Before doing so I managed to finish base painting my Swamlord and got a Zoanthrope finished for what would have been my new Hive Fleet.




These Ultramarines were started during Christmas 2013, but it took me a few months to get to the last 3 marines. These were also my last plastic Tactical Squad for my 4th company.



These devastator marines were painted for my last game of Apocalypse in order to add a few more heavy weapons to a devastator company. These are
Obviously a mix of old Rouge Trader power armour variants with Forge World Horus Heresy heavy weapons



These veterans were from the very large box of metal marines in the cupboard. I’ve banned myself from ebay for my New Years resolution. We’ll see how many months I manage. These 3 models enabled me to field a full 10 man stearnguard squad.



My final instalment of Ultramarines is Ureal Ventris and his command squad. While not quite finished, I’m very happy to field this unit.



Imperial Knight
Time for the big guy. The long awaited model. Those that follow my blog will know I’ve been bugging the design team for an imperial knight since they did the BaneBlade. Again there is a lot still to be done to this model, but it’s fine for the table.



Shortly after starting on the knight A friend and I discussed playing one of the 5th edition special missions with a mind field, so I finally and quickly knocked out these mines from the original planet strike release.



As part of my drive to complete old models I had another go at the Black Reach set. This time I found the experience a lot more enjoyable, so there is hope I’ll finish of the job in 2015.



Grey Knights
After picking up the last model needed to add a power armour Squad to my very small Grey Knight army, thanks Gaz. Unfortunately the new codex, which I understand had nothing wrong with it other than not being available in paperback, means continuing with my Grey Knights sits a long way down my priority list. So another project is on ice.


Now to the buildings.






And the good old moon scape


Objective markers



Emporer’s Children
The final work of the year was the Emperors Children and Hawk Lords.



I’m not very keen on the Purple and Gold Emperors Children vehicles that I’ve seen. I also want to be able to use my Forgeworld tanks in all my marine armies so I’ve painter my Land Raider in codex grey an will be fitting changeable doors and extra armour.


This jet bike is not really mind but I quickly painted the helmet and nose for someone In December.


Golden Demon Monstrous Creature – Ork Warlord

There were a few Ork Warlords in the Golden Demon Monstrous Creature Category. so they can have their own post.

First up the Storm Claw Warboss Grukk

This Warboss Grukk face rippa from the Stormclaw set has been converted to have a more aggressive squig

Warboss Ghazghkull Thraka leads the Bad Moons.
Another view of the concerted Warboss.

Golden Demon 2014 at Warhammer Fest – Ben’s coolest Demons

These are Bens Pick for his favourite entires at Golden Demon. Rather than looking at painting quality Ben has been looking purely at the colour scheme and overall look. He did only had my pictures to go on, so sorry if I didn’t take a picture of your model; and after all Ben’s opinion won’t get you into White Dwarf.

Ultramarine jet bike - Golden Demon 2014

Ultramarine jet bike – Golden Demon 2014

Crimson Fist Spartan Assault Tank - Golden Demon 2014

Crimson Fist Spartan Assault Tank – Golden Demon 2014

Blood Angel Dreadnought  - Golden Demon 2014

Blood Angel Dreadnought – Golden Demon 2014

Greater Demon of Nurgle - Golden Demon 2014

Greater Demon of Nurgle – Golden Demon 2014

The Green Knight - Golden Demon 2014

The Green Knight – Golden Demon 2014

World Eater and Blood Angel Contemptor Dreadnoughts - Duel Golden Demon 2014

World Eater and Blood Angel Contemptor Dreadnoughts – Duel Golden Demon 2014

Skaven Clan Rat - Open Competition Golden Demon 2014

Skaven Clan Rat – Open Competition Golden Demon 2014

Knight Conclave - Open Competition Golden Demon 2014

Knight Conclave – Open Competition Golden Demon 2014

Dark Angle Sergeant - 40k Single Miniature Golden Demon 2014

Dark Angle Chaplain by El Kaye – 40k Single Miniature Golden Demon 2014


Ork Warboss - 40k Monsteress Creature Golden Demon 2014

Ork Warboss – 40k Monsteress Creature Golden Demon 2014


If you are wondering about the Red and Green stickers on the entry cards. The Green Sticker denote an entry which is being considered as a finalist and goes through to the next round. The red sticker is an entry which has been photographed and may therefore appear in Warhammer Visions, White Dwarf or on the Games Workshop website in White Dwarf daily.

While the number of entries was lower this year the quality was possible even higher.

I’ve seen some very negative feedback on other sites about Warahammer Fest and while the Games Workshop studio was totally out done by Forgeworld, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole event.
As Golden Demon isn’t running on the Saturday, Games Workshop management need to give some more thought to what takes pace in it’s void; If they run the same formate next year and expect people to attend both days, while I would have been happy to have a reason to do. It was also very disappointing the Studio didn’t bring along a couple of display boards from their impressive collection and a few more of their senior staff.
But those were the only down points and really not that big a deal. The venue was better, the space given to none sale activities was bigger, the lighting at Golden Demon was better, the parking was better, more content was provided. All in all it was a great day out and I can’t wait for next year to roll around.