Golden Demon Winner 2014

Golden Demon 2014 Winners

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Ben has posted some pictures of the winning golden demon entries from this years’ Warhammer Fest. The quality of some is not brilliant as he forgot to take a memory stick for his camera and used his iPhone for the lot.

I found some of the the other images below on twitter and facebook.

Single Miniature: Gold – from

40k Large from

Open Gold from

Open Silver


40k Squad Gold – Andy Wardle – from

Young Bloods Gold – from

Diorama Gold- from



Golden Demon Slayer Swoard 2014 – The Mechanicus Knight – (Top Left Below) – from

Golden Demon Winner 2014

40k Vehicle Gold and Forge World best in show -by Richard Grey

There are a lot more pictures of Silver and Bronze on Ben Jackson’s Blog.

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