Golden Demon Dreadnoughts and Walkers

I’ve realised we have completely missed out the 40k Dreadnoughts and moved on to squads. So here they are.

IMG_3378-0.JPGFirst up is this fantastic Legion of the Damned Dreadnought conversion. This really is a lovely bit of converting, the dreadnought has been given two power fists each is also armed with a heavy weapon. One has a plasma gun while the other, I assume, is a missile lunchers although it looks more like some kind of hell cannon. I notice there is a flaming bird on the Dreadnoughts knee given a clue to the space marines past. The pose of this Legion of the Damned Dreadnought reminds me of the Hell brute model.

Again this Nurgle Hell Brute is a great conversion. The Hell brute is armed with a Multimelta and power fist. More deadly than the weapons, their appears to be a Greater Demon of Nurgle emerging from it torsos. clearly this hell brute has pleased the master he serves. Off to the warp with you!

This Nurgle Dreadnought appears to be relatively new in it’s service of Chaos. Armed with a Las cannon and a Dreadnought close combat weapon. There are plenty of signs of Nurgle corruption but the form of a Space Marine Mkiv Dreadnought underneath is very clear.

The more conservative Astro Militartarum Imperial Guard Sentinel looks very shore footed in top of the snowy peek. The plasma gun looks ready to fire, or overload.

IMG_3381-0.JPGCraziness of a different kind comes in the form of this Orky Deff Dred. Armed with a melta or scorcher, a big shooter and a very big drill for making “da oils in du umie trucks”. This Ork looks ready to go party big Wargh style.

IMG_3380.JPGFinally the consummate professional Ultramarine Dreadnought ends our look at the Dreadnoughts and walkers from Golden Demon. This Venerable Dreadnought armed with a Plasma Cannon is ready for mass removal of foot solders. If anything bigger makes an appearance the veteran of 100 battles will demonstrate how a Dreadnought Power Fist can cut through the thickest of armour.

Well that’s it from me today. I have one more 40k post to publish from Golden Demon. This will cover more Space Marine entries. After that you will have to wait for Golden Demon 2015, which is only around 6 months away. Warhammer Visions has started to publish their pictures from Golden Demon 2014. You can always check out their much higher quality photos. Alternatively you can browse the Golden Demon category on this site. As well as lots more post from 2014 there is also some coverage of 2013 and 2012 along with armies on parade from both years.
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Right time to get on with the day. Thanks for reading.