Old Dark Angel Art

More on Dark Angels from White Dwarf January 2013

More is leaking across Europe from the January 2013 White Dwarf. We have now been told by the man with the dwarf in his pocket.

The new units are called

The Dark Talon and Nephilim Fighter are Storm Talon Variants. The Dark Talon has hover and is armed with a Rift Cannon? Hurricane Bolters and a one shot Stasis Bomb, this takes 3WS and I from the target.The Nephilim Fighter is armed with Heavy bolters, Blacksword missiles, Avenger mega-bolter or Las-cannons.

Deathwing Knights: These are Terminators but have +1WS, Storm Shields, Power-mauls and get Hammer of Wrath aswell as  “Smite” strike at Stength 10 AP2 for one combat phase. They also get a re roll in close combat and can have a Champion

Land Speeder Vengeance: Is a heavy support choice. It can take Assault Cannons or Heavy Bolters, Plasma Storm battery works as either 3 small blasts or 1 large.

Land Speeder Darkshroud: Can take Assault Cannons or Heavy Bolters, but gets the Shrouded rule and confers Stealth to allies units within 12 inches.

RavenWing Black Knights: Get take Plasma Talons  in place of their bolters, a  RavenWing grenade launcher option and can take Corvus hammers? They also have  Skilled Rider

New options

The champion in the Deathwing Command squad. can take a Halberd of Caliban?

Standard Terminators  squads get a  Plasma Cannons option and have Split Fire

Dreadnoughts can take two linked-autocannons.

Black Knights also get a re-roll in close combat.

Sammael get skilled rider and a 4+ jink save.

Librarians can upgrade to a level 2 psycher


Death Wing can decide to Deepstrikes in either turn 1 or 2 but this has to be set before the game starts.

Dark Angel scouts are now a Troop choice.

Tactical Squads have access to Flak missiles

Devastators Squads have access to Flak missiles